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The Right Stuff is a member published newsletter covering stories, events and reports related to WikiProject Conservatism. A new issue is published every month and covers the preceding month. Project members are automatically subscribed.

The Right Stuff welcomes submissions including position pieces, instructional articles, or short essays addressing important issues facing conservatism. List any submissions here.

The first issue of The Right Stuff was published in September 2011. Lionelt is the founding editor. The Right Stuff is an independent publication which is not affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. The contents of articles are that of their authors alone, and may not reflect the opinion of the Foundation. Unlike most Wikipedia pages, Right Stuff articles carry a byline to indicate the person responsible for what often amounts to original reporting.


There are no regular sections. Sections are included based on availability of stories on an ad hoc basis. Following are the most commonly used sections:


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Submitted opinion pieces are published (or not) based on quality, originality, and relevance to the Project. Similar to newspaper op-eds, opinion pieces should be accompanied by an extended byline that briefly introduces the author and indicates why his or her opinion about the topic might interest the reader.

Project News[edit]

The "Project News" section features news and reports about WikiProject Conservatism including achievments, problems, announcements and member updates.

In the News[edit]

In the news (edit)
Damian Green - immigration minister.jpg
  • June 13: Damian Green says Conservatives performing appallingly among ethnic minorities, the Tory minister (pictured) says black and Asian voters are 'completely disengaged' from party. Guardian

The "In the News" section reports coverage of conservatism issues in the media.

Discussion Report[edit]

The goal of the "Discussion Report" is to provide a summary of the most significant ongoing discussions and polls of Project relevance. This includes RfC, AfD, ANI, ArbCom, etc. In general items about members are reported in Project News.

Articles Report[edit]

The "Articles Report" reports on content within the scope of the Project with an emphasis on Featured content. There are currently 5,145 conservatism articles in the English Wikipedia.

Current issue[edit]


Wikipedia:WikiProject Conservatism/News/January 2012

The Right Stuff
January 2012
The Conservatism Portal-screenshot 02-07-12.jpg
Wikipedia's Newest Featured Portal: Conservatism

By Lionelt

On January 21, The Conservatism Portal was promoted to Featured Portal (FP) due largely to the contributions of Lionelt. This is the first Featured content produced by WikiProject Conservatism. The road to Featured class was rocky. An earlier nomination for FP failed, and in October the portal was "Kept" after being nominated for deletion.

Member Eisfbnore significantly contributed to the successful Good Article nomination of Norwegian journalist and newspaper editor Nils Vogt in December. Eisfbnore also created the article. In January another Project article was promoted to Featured Article. Luís Alves de Lima e Silva, Duke of Caxias, a president of Brazil, attained Featured class with significant effort by Lecen. The Article Incubator saw its first graduation in November. A collaboration spearheaded by Mzk1 and Trackerseal successfully developed Star Parker to pass the notability guideline.

Project Scope Debated

By Lionelt

Another discussion addressing the project scope began in December. Nine alternatives were presented in the contentious, sometimes heated discussion. Support was divided between keeping the existing scope, or adopting a scope with more specificity. Some opponents of the specific scope were concerned that it was too limiting and would adversely affect project size. About twenty editors participated in the discussion.

Inclusion of the article Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was debated. Supporters for inclusion cited sources describing the KKK as "conservative." The article was excluded with more than 10 editors participating.


Project membership continues to grow. There are currently 73 members. Member Goldblooded (pictured) volunteers for the UK Conservative Party and JohnChrysostom is a Christian Democrat. North8000 is interested in libertarianism. We won't tell WikiProject Libertarianism he's slumming. Let's stop by their talkpages and share some Wikilove.

Click here to keep up to date on all the happenings at WikiProject Conservatism.

Why is Everyone Talking About Rick Santorum?

By Lionelt

Rick Santorum by Gage Skidmore.jpg

Articles about the GOP presidential candidate and staunch traditional marriage supporter have seen an explosion of discussion. On January 8 an RFC was opened (here) to determine if Dan Savage's website link should be included in Campaign for "santorum" neologism. The next day the Rick Santorum article itself was the subject of an RFC (here) to determine if including the Savage neologism was a violation of the BLP policy. Soon after a third was opened (here) at Santorum controversy regarding homosexuality. This RFC proposes merging the neologism article into the controversy article.

The Abortion case closed in November after 15 weeks of contentious arbitration. The remedies include semi-protection of all abortion articles (numbering 1,500), sanctions for some editors including members of this Project, and a provision for a discussion to determine the names of what are colloquially known as the pro-life and pro-choice articles. The Committee endorsed the "1 revert rule" for abortion articles.

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