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Welcome to WikiProject Coronation Street. This WikiProject is a collaboration area and open group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of articles related to the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. We currently have 218 articles under the scope of this project, which generally includes articles where Coronation Street is a relevant focus to the subject. This WikiProject aims primarily to improve and organise these articles in an attempt to establish a standard. Such an effort endeavours to produce a reference that has value as an authority on material within the television series, is easy to read, and has a consistent style.

If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page, add yourself to the list of participants, see the to-do list or just start editing.


The objective of this WikiProject is mainly that of organisation and improvisation in relation to articles regarding Coronation Street. What this means is, that there should be a clear standard set for both the editing and creation of articles regarding structure and layout. Quality, substance and content should be a priority. All articles on Coronation Street should strive to meet a good encyclopaedic standard. Some articles are created from a fanatical point of view, containing only unsourced plot summary. Wikipedia no longer accepts such articles per WP:PLOT, and this has resulted in a greater number of Coronation Street articles being nominated for deletion. It is important that all Coronation Street articles, particularly character pages, are written, in part, from a real-world perspective. This means that factual information should be included in the article (such as casting, impact, reception and critical analysis), based on both primary and secondary sources. In-universe information, such as a plot summary retold as if it really happened, cannot maintain an article by itself per wikipedia policy. To avoid possible deletion, an article on a fictional topic needs to include real-world information, in addition to in-universe information.

Style guide

Our style guideline includes the following guidelines, aimed to standardise Coronation Street-related articles:

  1. Adherence to the Wikipedia Manual of Style;
  2. Adherence to the Television WikiProject MoS;
  3. Adherence to the MoS with regard to fiction;
  4. Wikipedia Manual of Style;
  5. Television WikiProject MoS;
  6. MoS with regard to fiction;
  7. Categorisation;
  8. Verifiability and citations;
  9. Image usage.


Parent projects

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What do we include?

The main criteria for inclusion should be notability. That being said, to avoid clutter and confusion, we should note the following.


Many characters that appear in Coronation Street do not pass the notability guidelines on fiction. Each character that appears can be included in one of the lists of characters, such as List of Coronation Street characters or List of past Coronation Street characters. Even characters with a separate article should be included in these lists. Articles can be de-merged if they grow very large, but please discuss them first.


Illustrations for Coronation Street-related articles are typically taken from screen captures, publicity materials, magazine articles and websites. As such, they are nearly all non-free and must only be used in conformance with the Non-free content criteria. Exceptions include pictures of people involved in the writing or production of Coronation Street, which have been released under free licenses: licenses that allow third parties to modify images and use images commercially. For a gallery of free Coronation Street-related images, see here. Some non-free images currently in Coronation Street-related articles lack detailed or sufficient fair use rationales justifying their use in the articles. Such images are in danger of deletion; you can remedy this by writing better rationales.


This is a list of the most recently created Coronation Street-related articles on Wikipedia. If you create a new article, please list it here. Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the main Wikipedia page. DYK has a 72 hour time limit from the creation of the article.


Templates and categories


Here are some tasks awaiting attention:


  1. Cleanup all current character articles. Adding sources, OOU information, and condensing storylines to adhere to Wikipedia guidelines on writing about fiction. Please see /Operation cleanup for ideas on how to get involved.
  2. Organise and improve Coronation Street-related articles that are in need of attention.
  3. Ensure character pages and other notable information is kept up to date with the events in the show.
  4. Maintain a standard style throughout articles, to provide a consistent and professional encyclopaedia style.
  5. Ensure that quality of articles is held above that of quantity of articles.
  6. Ensure that Coronation Street-related images are provided with the correct copyright information and that they are correctly placed under the relevant category.

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