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Almost done[edit]

These countries/dependent areas have the template applied, but not everything is finished. Note: If a country does not actually have a feature, e.g. national motto, coat of arms, etc., its absence from the page should not be noted here - the page will be complete without the non-existent info.

In progress[edit]

The following countries/dependent areas are being worked on:

Moving holidays to a separate page[edit]

The list of countries that didn't have a decent table in the first place is now included in the main list above.

To do:



The following countries' have titles which were/are currently disputed:

Complementary projects[edit]

Please see also Wikipedia:Status of the porting of U.S. Dept of State info if you'd care to help KQ add info from the Dept. of State site to various country pages. He's currently about halfway done, though it's taken a year so far because of other commitments.

For historical states, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Former countries. This project is currently undergoing a revival and any input regarding its organisation would be most appreciated.

Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template is a convenience tool for editors to create several kinds of flag icons and labels, often with a link to the appropriate country page.