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WikiProject Echo
translating content from foreign language wikipedias

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Mission statement

WikiProject Echo aims to expand the English Wikipedia through the translation of content from foreign-language Wikipedias.

Requesting a translation

If the English article already exists (but would benefit from translated content):

If the English article does not yet exist,

  • you must first create the article on English Wikipedia as a stub article, explaining or defining the subject of the article in a sentence or two;
  • then immediately tag your stub article with a translation template, as above.

Note that this page is not for requesting translations of copyrighted sources outside Wikipedia. It is also not for pages currently in English Wikipedia that are not in English. For that, please see Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into English.

Finding an article to translate

How to translate

Wikipedia is a multilingual project. Articles on the same subject in different languages can be edited independently; they do not have to be translations of one another or correspond closely in form, style or content. Still, translation is often useful to spread information between articles in different languages.

Translation takes work. Machine translation often produces very low quality results. Wikipedia consensus is that an unedited machine translation, left as a Wikipedia article, is worse than nothing. The translation templates have links to machine translations built in automatically, so all readers should be able to access machine translations easily.

Translation between Wikipedias need not transfer all content from any given article. If certain portions of an article appear to be low-quality or unverifiable, use your judgment and do not translate this content. Once you have finished translating, you may ask a proofreader to check the translation.

Because Wikipedia licensing requires attribution, the translation source must be credited to avoid copyright violation. Attribution in the edit summary and placing the template {{Translated page}} on the article talk page are the recommended ways to credit the source of the translation. (See also Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia.)

With the exception of quotations, use normal English encyclopedic style, as appropriate for the topic. Avoid being overly influenced by the style of the original.

A useful translation may require more than just a faithful rendering of the original. Thus it may be necessary to explain the meaning of terms not commonly known throughout the English-speaking world. For example, a typical reader of English needs no explanation of The Wizard of Oz, but has no idea who Zwarte Piet might be. By contrast, for a typical reader of Dutch, it might be the other way around.

Signing up

If you would like to help, please read the instructions in the project member page.


You can add {{User Wikiproject Echo}} to your user page, which will display this userbox.

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There are also several userboxes listed here that were designed for translators in other languages.


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