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This is the place to nominate someone for Editor of the Week recognition: an unsung hero who has been doing great work for months but is not well-known. Create a new section at the bottom of the page for each user you'd like to nominate along with a 100-200 word description of how you think they meet the criteria for Editor of the Week. Please be as specific as you can in describing the tasks and behaviours you feel are worth recognizing, as recipients appreciate hearing it!

Please do not link to the nominee's user or talk page!

The new notification system will inform them of their nomination and spoil the surprise.

Just type their name using plain text, and we will manually go over and verify the information. Alternatively, you may use the No-Ping template. For instance {{noping|Go Phightins!}} which generates a link to the editor's page but does not send a notification. Thanks again for nominating someone. Your participation is appreciated.

Sample nomination text:

I nominate Easter Bunny for his persistent efforts in tidying up articles. Often editors will hurriedly introduce new information to an article, without placing a full citation, or with spelling and grammatical errors. Over the past four months, Easter Bunny has been fixing the edits of others, doing the tedious work of completing the citation information, copy editing the prose to resolve errors and to align it with Wikipedia's Manual of Style, and fixing links to other articles. Here are some examples: [1] [2] In addition, Easter Bunny has a great positive attitude in discussions with other editors: he always finds the most promising aspects of the comments of others, and follows up on them in trying to build a genuine consensus. Without willing editors to perform cleanup tasks, Wikipedia could not sustain its level of participation from one-time editors who just want to get in and out with their edits as soon as possible. Easter Bunny is a great example of a Wikipedia editor who improves the community through his excellent work! isaacl (talk) 03:58, 9 January 2013 (UTC)


Davey2010 has been an editor since OCT 2010 but became more active JAN 2013 and now has over 12000 edits with almost 50% in article space. A New Page Patroller, he intervenes against vandalism and improper usernames. Always congenial, he is willing to discuss differences without rancor and will admit to mistakes. This paraphrased comment from a newbee sums up Davey2010's way of being...."Although many others have tried to give me the same information, I got your message and yours was the first (I understood)". Improves many articles about various British TV Series. ```Buster Seven Talk 14:56, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

Cplakidas, aka Constantine[edit]

Cplakidas, aka Constantine, is an exceptionally prolific creator of high quality content who does not indulge in drama for drama's sake. Cplakidas contributes particularly to articles related to the history of the Mediterranean region during the classical and post classical eras. He has made over 110,000 edits since 2005, produced 5 featured articles and 200 DYKs, and contributed to nearly 100 good or A-class articles. --Epipelagic (talk) 16:39, 19 August 2014 (UTC)