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Welcome to the Season article task force of WikiProject Football.


The season article task force covers...




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To do[edit]

The primary things to do are for now:

  • Create content guidelines for league, cup and team season articles
  • Maintain existing articles, e.g. keeping those updated
  • Recruit interested Wikipedians by posting {{WPFOOTY-seasonarticletaskforce-invite}} on their talkpages

Besides that, there is the "usual stuff" to do:

  • Tag related articles to include the season=yes parameter
  • Review importance and quality of existing articles
  • Identify articles for creation
  • Identify articles for improvement


Working out the guidelines for any type of season article is a primary goal of this task force for now as those are not existent yet. This should be done in compliance with both the Project Manual of Style and Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Tagging and assessment[edit]

Any articles that are within the scope of this task force should be tagged with the following:

{{WikiProject Football|class=|importance=|Season=yes}}

You should add |Season=yes as this will automatically put the talk page into the appropriate categories.


There are a number of categories where articles in the scope of this task force can be found. Note: Replace "xxxx" with the specific season you are interested in, e.g.:

You may also find articles of a certain year under Category:xxxx in association football.


Templates which are used in season articles mainly focus on elevated and distinctive matches during the competitions, such as championship decision matches, relegation/promotion playoff matches or cup matches in a certain round. Below is a list of the most commonly used templates.

Make sure that you have read the documentation of the respective template before using it in an article as each of them has a plethora of parameters available!!!

Single match templates[edit]

  • {{Footballbox}} – Used for important matches all over WP:FOOTY. Typical uses include domestic cup matches from quarter-finals or higher, any kind of league decision matches (championship or relegation/promotion) and national team matches.
  • {{Footballbox collapsible}} – A collapsible version of Footballbox. Mainly used for early stages in cup articles (recommended up to 48 matches for a round) and club season articles.

Infobox templates[edit]

Stub templates[edit]

Stub templates should generally be applied to all season articles which contain only very little information. You may find suitable stub templates at Category:Association football competition stubs for competitions and Category:Association football stubs for general purposes. A more fitting set of stub templates may be created in the future.

Featured/Good content[edit]

Featured Lists (22)
Good Articles (22)


Participants may find the booklist at WikiProject Football useful.