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This Copy Editing Project Blitz is a one-week effort of the Guild of Copy Editors to copy-edit articles with a specific theme. The blitzes are under the purview of the Guild's coordinators. The lead coordinator for this blitz is Torchiest (talk), assisted by Baffle gab1978 (talk), Jonesey95 (talk), and The Utahraptor (talk). If you have any questions, leave a message on the blitz's talk page.

In recognition of the proximity of this blitz to major religious holidays in the English-speaking world, the goal of this blitz is to copy edit articles that are tagged with the Category Religion or one of its close subcategories. Awards will be given out to everyone who copy edits at least one of the target articles. The blitz will run from December 8–14 (for the detail-oriented: starting at 0:00 UTC on December 8, ending at 23:59 UTC on December 14).

Blitzes are open to all, and you do not need to be a member of the Guild of Copy Editors to participate. However, you may want to consider joining the Guild, as membership has its benefits. For example, you can place a special "page in use" tag when you are copy editing, and another tag on the talk page when you finish. See the Templates page. Please visit the Guild or the main blitz page for more information.

Full instructions, tips, and awards[edit]

Full instructions for participants, tips, help for new copy editors, useful tags, and details of the many barnstars available for the drive can be found on the main blitz page. Please read this page carefully before you begin. To sign up, please use the form in the Signing up section below. To participate, follow the instructions at the top of the article lists.

Article lists[edit]

When you have chosen an article for copy editing and are ready to edit it, please add {{working}} (displays as  Working) and sign your name (~~~) next to the article's listing in the collapsible list below. Please mark an item as "working" only when you are immediately going to begin editing it, so that we can avoid articles being stuck in limbo.

When you are done copy-editing the article, please replace {{working}} with {{y}} (displays as Green tickY) next to the article's listing, make sure you have signed your name, and then record it in your article list at the bottom of this page.

Article list for the blitz[edit]

Click "show" to expand the list of articles.


Progress Chart
  • Outstanding
  • Religion articles
  • Change since
  • previous day
  • Change since
  • beginning
  • Daily articles
  • edited
December 7, 2013 75
December 8, 2013 72 positive decrease  3 positive decrease  3 2
December 9, 2013 71 positive decrease  1 positive decrease  4 1
December 10, 2013 72 negative increase  1 positive decrease  3 0
December 11, 2013 71 positive decrease  1 positive decrease  4 1
December 12, 2013 70 positive decrease  1 positive decrease  5 1
December 13, 2013 66 positive decrease  4 positive decrease  9 4
December 14, 2013 58 positive decrease  8 positive decrease 17 8


GOCE coordinators and other experienced members of the Guild will carry out random checks to ensure that copy edits are of a satisfactory standard. If you are willing to help with this, please sign up below.

When checking, please choose articles at random, and do not inspect articles you have copy edited yourself. When you find an acceptable copy edit, place a {{checked}} mark after the article on the listing and sign your username (just ~~~). If in doubt, please raise the issue on the Coordinators' talk page. If a rough consensus finds a copy edit is not of an acceptable standard, the tag will be re-added and the word count deducted. The reviewer may also give advice on how the edit could have been better, without penalizing the editor. Please raise any questions on the Coordinators' talk page.

Reviewers sign-up[edit]

Signing up[edit]

To sign up for the drive, click the button below. This will create a subsection in the Totals section for you to record your copy edits. If you participated in the previous blitz, check your rollover words (in the December column) and add them to your section.


When recording articles completed, please remember to remove any {{copyedit}} tag from that article—if you want it checked, you can request it on the blitz talk page and someone will be along to do it. Do not list articles on which you have placed {{GOCEreviewed}} instead of copy editing them, or which needed no copy editing; they don't count. Please provide the full title, not an abbreviated version. Please avoid adding text comments unless they are essential, and place any comments after the article title but before the word count.

Jonesey95 (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 3
  • Total words: 3,335
  • Rollover words: 355

JourneySarah (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 1
  • Total words: 8539

JudyCS (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 2
  • Total words: 11,041
  • Rollover words: 2,582

Stfg (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 0
  • Total words: 0
  • Rollover words: 675

Torchiest (talk · contribs)[edit]

  • Total articles: 0
  • Total words: 0

Mr. V (tc)[edit]

  • Total articles: 0
  • Total words: 0

Greatpopcorn (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 1
  • Total words: 769

Paul M. Nguyen (chat|blame)[edit]

  • Total articles: 2
  • Total words: 2986


  • Total articles: 3
  • Total words: 3,901
  • Rollover words: 1,941

Wilhelmina Will (talk)[edit]

  • Total articles: 9
  • Total words: 7,464
  • Rollover words: 1,321

The discussion above is closed. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page. No further edits should be made to this discussion.