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This is the Mythology workgroup of WikiProject Hinduism.


This group works with articles related to Hindu mythology. Specifically, it includes within its scope those articles which are included in the Category:Hindu mythology. All these articles should be added to the Wikipedia:WikiProject Hinduism/Mythology/Articles page by category, so that they can be monitored for recent changes.


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Om.svg This user is a member of the WikiProject Hindu mythology.

Userbox enthusiasts can put this template {{User WikiProject Hindu mythology}} to show that you are a member of this project.


We want to have articles on

  1. Deities
  2. Mythological people
  3. Mythological texts
  4. Vedic texts
  5. Mythological places
  6. Festivals and other special occasions
  7. Animals with religious significance
  8. Religious leaders and groups
  9. Add more

Article Construction[edit]

An article about a deity should include (when possible):

  • picture
  • other names
  • etymology/historical origin
  • significance
  • mount
  • modes of worship
  • places of worship
  • relatives
  • representation in art
  • add more

see also infobox on mythical characters.

WikiProject Hindu mythology notice[edit]

Place this WikiProject notice at the top of an article's Talk page to direct editors to the Wikiproject Hindu mythology for guidelines.

{{WikiProject Hinduism
<!-- Wikiproject specific tags -->

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For stubs about Hindu mythology, use {{Hindu-myth-stub}}. This will go into the Category:Hindu mythology stubs category.


Please go to here for a comprehensive list.


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