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Photograph (17 January 1962) by Eva Brüggmann, showing the exhibition "Mit den Augen eines Fotoreporters gesehen" in Haus der Tschechoslowakischen Kultur (Berlin), and more specifically a photograph by Eman Uher, "Alten Mann vom Flusse Otava".


This WikiProject aims at improving articles about the history of photography. "History" includes contemporary history. As in other fields, making photographs for a living does not qualify someone as a subject for Wikipedia.

The emphasis in this Project is on the photographs that result from cameras, darkrooms, printers and other gizmos, not on those gizmos themselves, fascinating though they may be.

Good (or better) articles[edit]

It's not only us who think that these articles are pretty good.

This list is appallingly short. Let's make it longer.


All the articles[edit]

Here's the full list of what should be full lists of articles (or rather their talk pages):

A large percentage of the "B-class" articles were so identified before the introduction of "C-class" and should really be among the latter.

New articles[edit]

New articles are listed here (also transcluded in our discussion page).

Japanese photographers[edit]

And there's also a list of Japanese photographers.

Featured/Good article candidates[edit]

Short-term to do list[edit]

Notability criteria for photographers[edit]

Provisionally, a notable photographer is one who meets one or more of these criteria:

  • whose work has appeared in at least one solo exhibition that has been noted in more than a merely local press
  • whose work has been turned into one book-length collection, put out by a (non-vanity) commercial publisher or university press
  • whose work has been published within books that have received critical attention for their photography
  • whose work is included in the permanent collection of a prominent museum or gallery. One way to see if a photographer meets this criterion is to look him or her up in one of the books of photography that are based on museum holdings; note that Taschen publishes a very modestly priced and substantial compendium for each of George Eastman House (Rochester) and Museum Ludwig (Cologne).
  • who is significant historically (e.g. the first to photograph this or that)
  • who, though a photographer, is better known for other contributions to photography (e.g. Walter Woodbury, principally known as an innovator of photographic equipment and processes)
  • who is awarded an article or otherwise dealt with in detail within a well regarded and wide-ranging survey of photography. These include, but are not limited to:
    • The Photography Book (Phaidon, 1997)
    • The Oxford Companion to the Photograph (Oxford UP, 2005)
    • Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-Century Photography (Routledge, 2008)
    • Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography (Routledge, 2006)
  • who is included in at least one of the following authoritative online resources. [These sites also provide the most accepted forms (in English) of many photographers' names and often include brief biographical information as well.]


Both articles for deletion and those whose deletion is proposed are listed at WikiProject Deletion sorting/Photography, which you may wish to keep on your watchlist. This is transcluded on our talk page.


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  • This lists prominent Japanese photographers

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(RIP WikiProject Cameras [cf Camerapedia] and WikiProject Digital Cameras.)

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Please help us grade articles as well as improve them. We're using the 1.0 assessment system, perhaps with minor changes as yet to be worked out on our talk page.

(For the time being, we're not aiming to label any article as "Class A": such articles are normally drawn from non-Featured articles already recognized as "Good", and we have only a tiny number of these.)

The method by which you attach the grade is explained below, under "Template". Look among articles that haven't been tagged with our template, and also among those already tagged but not yet assessed.

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Those already tagged are listed here (FA) and here (GA).

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Those already tagged are listed here (B class), here (C class), here (start class), and here (stubs).

(Note also the photography, photographer, and American photographer stub categories, created independently of this project.)


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If you think an article of which you're the main author is "B" class despite having been graded more harshly, first try to contact whoever it was that previously graded the article, and persuade him/her. If this isn't possible, you can bring the matter up on our talk page.


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Studijskifotoaparat.JPG This page is within the scope of WikiProject History of photography, an attempt to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to articles on the history of photography on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this page, or visit the project page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.

Here it is. And a big round of applause for Badbilltucker for creating it for us.

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