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Infoboxes on English Wikipedia[edit]

English Wikipedia has well over 2.4 million infoboxes. The following statistics were compiled in August 2013

Running total: over 2,440,000.

We can only know a minimum figure for the number of infoboxes; the true figure, which will always be higher, is less easy to count. Including all the other non-{{Infobox}} infoboxes (see search for "{| class="infobox " with uses under 1,000, the total is certainly over 2.5 million.

Note that there are pages which will never have an infobox, for example disambiguation pages (over 278,000 using {{Dmbox}}).


Microformats have been in infoboxes since April 2007.

Other languages[edit]

A few informal/imperfect comparisons, of the most used templates in a few of the largest non-English Wikipedias (numbers from July 2013):

Species Taxoboxes
(German is weird, they seem to use handmade tables, or someone {subst:}'d all the templates, eg de:London )

Found via other methods, that weren't as conclusive, but generally support Places / People (esp. footballer) / Music:

French (via fr:Spécial:Modèles les plus liés and fr:Utilisateur:Emijrp/Most linked templates status)
Spanish (via es:Especial:PlantillasMásUsadas and es:Wikipedia:Protección de plantillas)
German (via de:Spezial:Meistbenutzte Vorlagen and de:Benutzer:Emijrp/Most linked templates status)
Italian (via it:Speciale:TemplatePiùRichiamati)