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WikiProject Japan (Talk)

March 18, 2006
(8 years, 3 months and 29 days ago)


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Wikipedia includes all texts from the US Library of Congress: Country Studies Japan [1] (Public Domain) website. While the texts are of good quality, they were written around 1992, so some of the information is outdated. Since the Japanese asset price bubble collapsed in 1993, especially the articles on Economy need a review. See #List of recent events. You can help wikipedia by updating these articles.

1% completed (Estimate)

How to contribute[edit]

  1. Pick an article / a topic
  2. try to find up-to-date information on the topic (see #Sources) on the internet, in newspapers or in your library. Check official government sites for statistics
  3. If you find a possible source, but you can't read the language, post it on the talk page and we'll find a translator
  4. update the article


  • check the Wikimedia Commons for pictures, check Wikisource for sources
  • proofread
  • wikify and check links
  • categorize
  • clean up
  • search for other wikipedia articles where the loc articles can be linked
  • add books to bibliography
  • create navigation boxes to link related articles
  • link check
  • translations to other wikis

Article list[edit]

Category:Communications in Japan[edit]

Category:Economy of Japan[edit]

Category:Education in Japan[edit]

Category:Government of Japan[edit]

Category:Law enforcement in Japan[edit]

Category:Military of Japan[edit]

Category:Japanese organizations[edit]

Category:Politics of Japan[edit]

Category:Japanese society[edit]

Category:Foreign relations of Japan[edit]

this one needs a wikify, too

This one also needs a merge and a wikify

List of recent events[edit]

This sections tries to compile a list of major events since 1992 that may cause articles to be outdated. (please contribute to this list)

  • the Japanese asset price bubble collapsed in 1993
  • The electoral system was reformed in 1994.
  • The LDP regained power in 1996.
  • Several labor unions merged in 1996.
  • Ministries have been merged in a reform 2001
  • The Japan Post has been became public in 2005-2006 by Junichiro Koizumi.



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