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This is a general list of articles which need to be created or translated from the Korean Wikipedia. They are sorted by working group.


  • Seongnam Moran Market (성남모란시장)
  • Fortress Wall of Seoul ko:서울성곽 (photo)
    • "서울성곽". 예술로. Retrieved 2008. 
    • "옛지도로 본 형상". 우리궁궐 길라잡이. Retrieved 2008. 
      • 한성전도(漢城全圖<古地圖帖>) 채색필사본. 18세기 후반. 31.4 * 51.8cm. 영남대학교 박물관
      • 도성도(都城圖<古地圖帖>) 채색필사본. 19세기 초. 88.6 * 98.0cm. 영남대학교 박물관 소장.
      • 경강부임진도(京江附臨津圖 <東國輿圖>)채색필사본. 19세기 전반. 47.0 * 123.6cm. 서울대학교 규장각 소장.
      • 경조오부(京兆五部<大東輿地圖>) 김정호. 목판본. 30.2 * 40.4cm. 서울대학교 규장각 소장
  • Yesullo 예술로 Ministry of Culture and Tourism

예술로 구축사업을 위한 주관은 문화체육관광부(구 문화관광부)가 담당하였고 국립극장, 국립현대미술관, 공립미술관(6개관), 국립국악원, 한국문화예술위원회, 한국문화관광연구원, 예술의전당, 한국영상자료원, 한국미술협회, 한빛문화기획자개발원, 국립발레단 등이 참여하여 공동으로 추진.



Artists and critics[edit]


Category:Korean clothing and Category:Korean headgear[edit]

Royal attires[edit]

Royal attires Daily clothing Underwear
  1. Gonryongpo (곤룡포)
  2. Gangsapo (강사포)
  3. Seuran chima (스란치마)
  4. Daeran chima (대란치마)
  1. Chima (clothing) (치마)
  2. Baji (clothing) (바지)
  3. Kkakkiot (깨끼옷)
  4. Baeja (배자)
  1. Dansotgot (단속곳)[12]
  2. Jeoksam (적삼)[13]
  3. Gojaengi (고쟁이)[14][15]
  4. Daeshumchima (대슘치마)[16]
  5. Mujigi (무지기)[17]

Headgear[edit] reference

  1. Gwanmo (관모)[18]
  2. Sangtu (상투)
  3. Sseugae (쓰개)
  4. Samo (hat) (사모)
  5. Paeraengi (패랭이)[19]
  6. Chorip (초립)[20]
  7. Jurip (주립)[21]
  8. Bokdu (복두)[22]
  9. Jeonmo (전모)
  10. Cheone (처네)
  11. Jangot (장옷)
  12. Sseugaechima (쓰개치마)
  13. Gokkal (고깔)
  14. Satgat (삿갓)
  15. Dugeon (두건)
  16. Geongwik (건귁)
  17. Galmo (갈모)[23]
  18. Jougwan (조우관)[24]
  19. Tugu (투구)[25]
  20. Neoul (너울)[26]PD image
  21. Garima (가리마)[27][28]
  22. Bolkki (볼끼)




Cuisine articles to create[edit]

Must-have cuisine terms and dishes[edit]

Traditional table settings[edit]

Soups and stews[edit]

  • See the entries in the article of Guk (국 soup)


Dae Jang Geum[edit]

This is list of Korean royal court dishes that appeared in episodes of Dae Jang Geum (대장금), Korean hit drama.



  • Sikhye (식혜)
  • Sujunggwa (수정과)
  • Misutgaru (미숫가루) Made by pouring bean,glutinous rice, non-glutinous rice flours into the water. It is used as the breakfast or a meal

Cuisine articles to translate[edit]


History-related articles to create.


Places and structures[edit]


Political Parties[edit]


    • Seungji 승지 承旨 고려 후기와 조선시대 왕명출납을 담당한 관직.[44] Recipient of Edicts, Royal Secretary, Royal Secretary-transmitters[45]

Expansion needed[edit]


Military history[edit]

Attention needed referencing and citation (472) • coverage and accuracy (371) • structure (63) • grammar (35) • supporting materials (80)
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North Korea[edit]

North Korea-related articles to create[edit]

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Popular culture[edit]

Popular culture articles to be created[edit]

See also: List of missing Korean Films

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Music albums[edit]

TV series[edit]

Popular culture-related lists consisting mostly of redlinks[edit]

South Korean geography[edit]

Articles to create[edit]

  • Seomyeon, important shopping and commercial area in Greater Busan

Articles to translate[edit]

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Language and literature[edit]

Korean martial arts[edit]

Korean Weapons, Armour, Techniques and Guilds[edit]



Korean people[edit]

  • Note : Please leave a brief note about who they are (period, occupation) and their hangul or hanja name. Or make a subcategory to divide by their occupation and add link for reference.


Classical musicians[edit]


  • Note : If you're interest Korean painters, please see List of Korean painters. This list is incomplete, and creating new articles of the painters on the list is needed.

Actors and pop singers[edit]

Who are they?[edit]

South Koreans[edit]

North Koreans[edit]


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