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This page contains useful sources including charts, certifications, and awards.

Charts and certifications[edit]

Recommended charts[edit]

These charts satisfies WP:GOODCHARTS and may be used in any article.

United States


You may use also Allmusic as an alternative source for Billboard chart positions. However, the Billboard should be used as the primary source as Allmusic does not list the week for the peak position and singles are listed by year and alphabetical order rather than order of release. To access the artist's Billboard history, click on the "Awards" tab.

For the physical magazines, see Google Books. Note that some issues may not be available and may not be up to date.

RIAA (certifications):


AMPROFON (albums only):

Billboard International (singles only):

NOTE: The certifications posted on the Mexican Airplay charts are from the RIAA, not AMPROFON.


CAPIF (albums only):

  • Official website
  • Mirror site
  • For chart positions before 2010, refer to the Billboard Hits of the World which only be accessed from the physical magazines (see above).
  • Certifications Down as of December 2011. It is uncertain if or when it will be available again. At the moment, an archive for all certifications up till 2010 can be found here. Until then, certifications for Argentina will have to come from a reliable source. For diamond certifications, see here.

ABPD (albums only):

Crowley Broadcast Analysis (singles only):

  • Crowley Broadcast Analysis MANUAL ARCHIVE REQUIRED
  • Alternatively, the use of Bilboard Brasil as a source from the physical magazine is also recommended.

Brazilian Albums and Singles are also posted on Billboard.Biz


PROMUSICAE (albums and singles chart):

  • Official website
  • Hung Media
  • For album charts before 2004 and for certifications, use Google search.
  • For album and singles chart before 2004, use of Billboard Hits of the World from the physical magazine is required (see above).

AFP (albums only):

For other Latin American countries

Acceptable charts[edit]

The following charts below meet the notability for WP:Record charts but are not listed WP:GOODCHARTS due to archiving problems. In order to use any of the charts, it MUST be saved using WebCite or another similar service. Otherwise, the source will go WP:LINKROT due to lack of verification.


National-Report (singles chart):

  • Official website. Use only the "Top Nacional" as chart listings by cities are not allowed.

Honduras Top 50 (singles chart):


Monitor Latino (singles chart):


Record Report (singles chart):


Latin Grammy
Lo Nuestro
Billboard Latin Music Awards
MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica
Monitor Latino