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  1. User talk:Mleaman (Inactive since: July 2010) Webmaster at Bowdoin College and Brunswick resident. (I have access to a lot of archival material through Bowdoin.)
  2. User talk:Penbay
  3. User talk:Badbilltucker (Inactive since: January 2007)
  4. User talk:Ventric (Inactive since: November 2010)
  5. User talk:Icelandic Hurricane
  6. User talk:Lostvalley (Inactive since: January 2009)
  7. User talk:Warlordjohncarter 15:19, 9 April 2007 (UTC) - Trying to fill the shoes of the project's proposer.
  8. User talk:Tikuko - Holden Resident
  9. User talk:MrRadioGuy
  10. User talk:SarekOfVulcan - Eddington resident
  11. User talk:Doug 22:35, 5 September 2007 (UTC) - Maine law, Maine history, Maine geography
  12. User talk:Namiba
  13. User talk:Fleetflame (Inactive since: May 2010) I live in the Rumford/Mexico area, willing to help out wherever.
  14. User talk:Micov (Inactive since: May 2009) I've lived in lewiston and have a lot of information and pictures from the area.
  15. User talk:Doctuh (Inactive since: July 2012)
  16. User talk:Rigby27 (Inactive since: April 2011)
  17. User talk:Jasynnash2 (Inactive since: December 2009)
  18. User talk:FeanorStar7 00:06, 28 March 2008 (UTC) - At my job I work with a lot of Maine historical material so have gotten interested in history of the state; also have access to genealogy tools for Maine.
  19. User talk:wvfd14 (Inactive since: January 2011)
  20. User talk:Buskahegian
  21. User talk:SJP (Inactive since: March 2010) I live in the beautiful State of Maine, and am more than happy to help out on Maine related articles when I have the time.
  22. User talk:MarkHB I live in Portland (and was actually born here), and am something of a roadgeek (and major Sea Dogs fan). I'll try to help out wherever I can.
  23. User talk:MattGagnon Grew up in Maine, still a Mainer at heart. I run the leading Maine political blog, Pine Tree Politics, and have a specific interest in the politics of Maine.
  24. User talk:Arverniking
  25. User talk:hurumble (Inactive since: March 2011) I'm from Lewiston. I've done a lot of editing of the Lewiston page as well as other pages related to the city and other area cities.
  26. User talk:Buaidh 15:34, 11 June 2010 (UTC) Portal:Maine creator
  27. User talk:Kevin co (Inactive since: September 2012) I am originally from Georgia but now live in 'The County', and love it. I am very interested in the local history and will contribute in this area and others, time permitting.
  28. User talk:khfan93
  29. User talk:BMRR - Interested in all things Maine, but especially southern Maine cities and towns, Mount Desert Island, Maine railroads, and Maine politics.
  30. User talk:Nickline4
  31. User talk:Thewellman - Geography & history of transportation.
  32. User talk:Thorncrag (Inactive since: July 2013)
  33. User talk:Mr.AK-74 (Inactive since: April 2012) 20:16, 20 January 2012 (UTC)) Ex-Eastport/Perry resident. Whenever yo need help about the area, message me.
  34. User talk:Liam987
  35. User talk:331dot
  36. User talk:maineshepp Interested in northern Maine, especially historic biography.
  37. User talk:Alcoll12 (Inactive since: December 2013) - Born and raised in Freeport. Professional geologist and amateur historian.
  38. User talk:Thegrandalliance 01:10, 3 December 2013 (UTC) - Resident of Maine, will try to help with anything I can
  39. User talk:Technical 13 — June 7, 2014 Have live in New England my whole life and always loved Maine. I'm am especially technically inclined and would love to help developing the inner workings of the project where-ever need may arise.

Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

All members should feel free to add {{User WikiProject Maine}} to their userpages to identify themselves as members of the project.