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This project page is for organizing the work of the WikiProject Medicine editors and Google reviewers on working together on medicine-related articles.

Initiated at and then announced at the doctors' mess, this collaboration is intended as an exploration of active cooperation between professional medical editors (hired by the Google Foundation) and any interested Wikipedians to further improve the quality of articles selected by the Google Foundation. Work began with the identification of a short list of articles for review, selected as a cross-section of medicine-related topics. Each article on the list now has an assessed "Class" and "Importance", harvested from its talk-page banner, reflecting Wikipedians' initial assessment of their state.

Google reviewers review the articles, identify problems, and make suggestions for improving the articles. Ultimately, the Google Foundation wants to hire professional translators to translate the best and most relevant medicine-related articles from the English Wikipedia to several Wikipedias in languages other than English. The Spanish, Arabic, and Kiswahili Wikipedias are the first targets.

Next up[edit]

  • Watchlist this page!
  • Build a task list
  • Identify collaborators
  • Choose a name for the collaboration
  • Determine the review process: should we ask that professional editors follow the WP review process, should we adapt WP review process to their conventions, or a hybrid?
The plan is to assess according to the GA criteria and post the review on the talkpage. The reviewers will have very little time to edit the articles. Tim Vickers (talk) 19:17, 28 April 2010 (UTC)
  • Start with a review on one article - which one?
  • Identify a timeline: Is there a deadline? Should we hand off articles in small groups, or do we need to have them all finished at the same time?

Do you need help?[edit]

Wikipedia sometimes seems very complicated, but lots of people are willing to help you figure it out:

  • Any of the #Participants from WikiProject Medicine listed below can help you with wiki formatting codes, identifying and explaining typical Wikipedia policies and guidelines, and figuring out what happened if something isn't behaving. You can reach a specific participant by clicking on the link to his or her user talk page, and clicking the "new section" message to leave a note for the editor.
  • You can reach multiple participants at once by clicking on this page's talk page to leave a message.
  • If you need more help, or want to join the fun, feel free to leave a note at the doctors' mess (non-physicians welcome, too!). There are also many smaller groups organized around specific medical specialties; you can find a list at Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Task forces.
  • Finally, if you want to talk to someone outside of WikiProject Medicine, then you can type {{helpme}} on your own user talk page, followed by your question. The helpme template sends a note out to the IRC channel when you save your user talk page.

You may also want to know a bit about Wikipedia's most relevant guidelines:

Participants from WikiProject Medicine[edit]

List of review editors[edit]

List of articles[edit]

You can edit this list here, Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Editorial review article list‎

This selection of articles was chosen as a combination of more and less popular topics, based on search queries, plus some good-quality articles: to try to get a sense of how the external reviewers will cope with a range of different articles.

# Name Status
as of May 2010
Page views
for March 2010
Reviewed by outside experts Wikipedians for this article Importance Are we done yet?
1 2009 flu pandemic (talk) GA 47931 Yes BSW-RMH (Your name here!) Mid
2 Hemorrhoid (talk) Start 184818 Yes MICROED8 User:Jmh649 (DocJames) High
3 Sexual intercourse (talk) B 827536 Yes BSW-RMH (Your name here!) Not WPMED
4 Recreational drug use (talk) List 41245 Yes by Tarheeltoxin (Your name here!) High
5 Oral sex (talk) B 346739 Yes by BSW BV (Your name here!) Not WPMED
6 Female reproductive system (human) (talk) Start 58476 Yes Factcheck101 (Your name here!) Not WPMED
7 Pregnancy (talk) B 178132 Yes by BSW BV (Your name here!) Top
8 Male reproductive system (human) (talk) Start 20793 Yes SLeonard (Your name here!) Not WPMED
9 Cervical cancer (talk) C 91183 Yes BSWSJR (Your name here!) Top
10 Hypertension (talk) B 189435 Yes by BSW-RMH (Your name here!) Top
11 Sleep apnea (talk) C 93225 Yes AMFEditor (Your name here!) High
12 Sinusitis (talk) B 78332 Yes by BSW-JMH User:Jmh649 (DocJames) High
13 Irritable bowel syndrome (talk) C 99803 Yes by SarMarTay Kallimachus (talk) High
14 Huntington's disease (talk) Featured article FA 150197 Yes by BSW-RMH Garrondo (talk · contribs) High Yes
15 Streptococcal pharyngitis (talk) GA 47370 Yes by Facthead82 User:Jmh649 (DocJames) High Yes
16 Hepatitis B (talk) GA 119825 Yes by BSW-RMH (Your name here!) High
17 Bedbug (talk) B 151929 Yes by BSW BV (Your name here!) Mid
18 Head-louse infestation (talk) C 7209 Yes by BSW BV Casliber (talk · contribs) High
19 Asthma (talk) C 122482 Yes by Bioc06 User:Jmh649 (DocJames), Axl ¤ [Talk] Top
20 Gynaecology (talk) Start 49292 Yes by BSW BV (Your name here!) Mid
21 Cerebral arteriovenous malformation (talk) C 3790 Yes by Skmcmena (Your name here!) Mid
22 Compliance (medicine) (talk) B 4201 Yes by BSW-RMH (Your name here!) Not yet
23 Whiplash (medicine) (talk) B 19134 Yes by FactCheck_EH (Your name here!) Mid
24 Heartburn (talk) Start 64253 Yes by BSW-RMH User:Jmh649 (DocJames) High
25 Bacterial vaginosis (talk) B 39885 Yes by Factcheck101 (Your name here!) High
26 Hypovitaminosis D (talk) C 8727 Yes by BSW-RMH (Your name here!) High
27 Visual system (talk) C 15253 Yes by Medchecker (Your name here!) Mid
28 Surgery (talk) B 66942 Yes by BSW BV (Your name here!) Top
29 Erectile dysfunction (talk) C 77025 Yes by Fact Check AMEF (Your name here!) High
30 Obstetric fistula (talk) C 7284 Yes BSW BV (Your name here!) High
31 Chagas disease (talk) Featured article FA 25610 Yes by BSW-RMH DO11.10 (talk · contribs) High Yes
32 Filariasis (talk) Start 18518 Yes by TJS001 Kallimachus (talk) High
33 Dracunculiasis (talk) B 14525 Yes BSWSJR (Your name here!) High
34 Onchocerciasis (talk) C 12261 Yes by Kcandando LeadSongDog (talk · contribs) High
35 African trypanosomiasis (talk) B 25362 Yes by BSW-JMH (Your name here!) High
36 Vaccination schedule (talk) C 8982 Yes by Factcheckalm DO11.10 (talk · contribs) Mid
37 Nutrition (talk) B 71942 Yes by Jason.somarelli (Your name here!) High
38 Leishmaniasis (talk) B 26971 Yes by MotherShabubu (Your name here!) High
39 Cystic fibrosis (talk) B 149984 Yes by Ggschwei (Your name here!) Mid
40 Syphilis (talk) B 188579 Yes by Pdb factcheck (Your name here!) High

Message from[edit]

Follow up announcement to Wikipedia community

Thank you to all Wikipedians who contributed to our trial editorial review! It was wonderful to see such enthusiastic participation, and we are extremely grateful for your support.

We have now had some time to evaluate the initial series of external reviews, and have been able to refine our approach based on our observations and your feedback on the discussion pages.

One of the most important findings of the trial was that in general, both sets of external reviewers tended to agree with the existing Wikipedia article rankings, adding an additional measure of credibility to the Wikipedia process of grading articles. We’re comfortable to say that when an article has been internally graded as good quality, this assessment can be accepted with confidence.

In addition, the dynamic nature of Wikipedia editing makes it difficult to say when a reviewed article should be considered 'complete'.

Given these two findings, we have decided to tweak our approach. Instead of working from an initial set of articles for translation based predominantly on popular search queries, we have selected a new set combining both popularity and quality, by mapping only articles that are already graded ‘B’, ‘GA’, or ‘FA’ to our query lists. Using this approach, we have a set of approximately 700 English articles that satisfy our requirements for both quality and user interest. This set can be added to over time as new articles improve to meet the quality threshold.

A handful of articles were high priority from a user perspective, but ranked 'C' or below (including 4 articles on topics in traditional Indian medicine, which were very popular among our Hindi users). For these articles, we are working to re-engage editors who received particularly high praise from the taskforce.

Thank you again for working with us during this initial trial. We learned a great deal and it was an important step towards our goal of translating high quality health content into many languages!

Best, Joanne Stevens, Program Manager

There is still substantial work to be done on the articles that have been reviewed. We need more editors to work on them.
A few comments:
  • What I would prefer more would be a review once the article has reached a certain point. I have gout at WP:GAN and would currently appreciated further opinions.
  • Also if the reviewers could use the highest quality paper per WP:MEDRS that would be preferred. I do not consider the Mayo clinic a sufficient ref for Wikipedia or medline plus for that matter. They are often not exactly correct.
Doc James (talk · contribs · email) 06:18, 3 July 2010 (UTC)

Message from BioScience Writers[edit]

We are pleased to be reviewing 12 additional Wikipedia articles that have been ranked as high priority for the WikiProject Medicine/ Project: Constipation, Asthma, Vitiligo, Depression (mood), Dizziness, Tonsillitis, Vitamin E, Boil, Triphala, Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), Asana (yoga), and Ayurveda. These articles are currently graded ‘C’ or lower, and our goal is to provide an external review of each that will help the Wikipedia community raise these articles to ‘B’ status. We appreciate all discussion about the reviews and how a ‘B’ grade can be achieved for each. BioScience Writers (talk) 19:18, 21 July 2010 (UTC)