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Medical Translation Project / Translation Task Force

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This is a list of articles sent for translation. It is a subset of the articles found here Book:Health care. The "SE" links to the simple English version. To find others to help with specific languages or to put yourself down to help with a specific language please add your name here. All jobs are managed in the TwB Translation Workspace.

Google docs[edit]

We are in the process of moving this tracking to google docs here.


Detailed information about the project is at the WikiProject Medicine Translation Task Force page, a detailed workflow is here, a summary is as follows:

  1. Get an English health article to featured article or good article status
  2. Translate either a simplified or full version of the English article into every other language in the world!
  3. Add the article into the Wikipedia of that language (instructions on how to do this are here)


  • Date: This is the date for the version of the main English article on which the translations are based
1. Needs evaluating : Article needs to be evaluated/assessed by a Wikipedian in that language to determine if translation is needed. Once this determination is made, please mark the table as
      Do – Do translate: Marked as to be translated, after which it is integrated
      Don't – Don't translate: Marked not to be translated: the article is already of high quality
2. Translated   : Translation has been completed, and integration is needed
3.  Live             : The article has been translated, integrated and edited and is now Live on the target Wikipedia.
     Done           : The article has been translated independent of our project, but is based upon the English version.
4. GA/FA        : The gold standard we want all our articles to reach! The translated article has achieved Good Article (GA) or Featured Article (FA) status in the target language Wikipedia.

TwB internal tracking:

  1. Sourcing     : We are looking for volunteer translators in the TwB Translation Workspace
  2. Translating : Being translated in the TwB Translation Workspace
  3. Translated  : Translation has been completed, and integration is needed
  4. Failed        : No available volunteer translators were found; article needs to be re-posted

Full rollout (28)[edit]

Overall coordination of these languages performed by Ildiko Santana (talk) ( profile)

Group One (7)[edit]

Group 1
# Date English Simplified Hindi* Chinese Persian* Tagalog* Indonesian* Macedonian*
1 01-24-2014 Schizophrenia 02-08-2014 [1] Do Live[2] Failed Live[3] Partial
2 01-24-2014 Dengue fever 02-08-2014 Live[4] Don't Live[5] Live[6] Live[7] Live[8]
3 01-30-2012 Urinary tract infection 02-08-2014 Live[9] Do Live[10] Live[11] Live[12]
4 01-22-2012 Streptococcal pharyngitis 02-08-2014 Live[13] GA[14] Live[15] Live[16] Live[17] Live[18]
5 01-22-2012 Anaphylaxis 02-08-2014 Live[19] Live[20] Live[21] Live[22] Live[23] Live[24]
6 01-22-2012 Common cold 02-08-2014 Live[25] Live[26] FA[27] Live[28] Live[29]
7 01-22-2012 Croup 02-08-2014 Live[30] Live[31] Live[32] Live[33] Live[34] Live[35]
8 10-04-2012 Gout 02-08-2014 live[36] Live[37] Failed Live[38]
9 01-22-2012 Syphilis 02-08-2014 Live[39] Live[40] GA[41] Failed Live[42] Live[43]
10 01-22-2012 Hepatitis C 02-08-2014 Live[44] Live[45] Live[46] Live[47] Live[48]
11 03-15-2012 Hypertension 02-08-2014 Live[49] Live[50] Live[51] Live[52] Live[53] Live[54]
12 03-15-2012 Obesity 02-08-2014 Live Live[55] Live[56] Live[57]
13 04-13-2012 Diabetes mellitus type 2 02-08-2014 Live[58] Live [59] Live[60] Failed Live[61] Live[62]
14 05-25-2012 Tuberculosis 02-08-2014 Live[63] Failed Live[64] Live[65] Live[66] Failed
15 08-15-2012 Gastroenteritis 02-08-2014 Live[67] Live[68] Live [69] Live[70] Live[71] Live[72]
16 10-05-2012 HIV/AIDS 02-08-2014 Live FA[73] AIDS*/ Don't
17 09-21-2012 Migraine 02-08-2014 Live[74] GA[75] Live[76] Live[77]
18 10-26-2012 Hemorrhoid 02-08-2014 Live[78] Live[79] Live[80] Live[81] Live[82] Live[83]
19 01-14-2013 Meningitis 02-08-2014 Live[84] Live[85] Live[86] Failed Live[87] Failed
20 01-14-2013 Pneumonia 02-08-2014 Live[88] Failed(2x) Live[89] Live[90] Live[91] Failed
21 02-01-2013 Asthma 02-08-2014 Live[92] Live[93] Live[94] Live[95] Live[96] Failed
22 04-19-2013 Suicide 02-08-2014 Live[97] Live[98] Live[99] Live[100] Live[101] Failed
23 06-01-2013 Burn 02-08-2014 Live[102] GA[103] Live[104] Live[105] Live[106] Incomplete
24 06-09-2013 Lung cancer 02-08-2014 Live[107] Don't Live[108] Live[109] Don't
25 08-03-2013 Multiple sclerosis 02-08-2014 Live[110] Do Live[111] Do
26 10-27-2013 ADHD 02-08-2014 Don't Do
27 01-27-2014 Birth control 02-08-2014 Live[112] Do Live[113]
28 01-27-2014 Low back pain 02-08-2014 Do Do
29 Pending Circumcision Do
30 09-24-2014 COPD 02-08-2014 Sourcing Sourcing Translating Sourcing Translating Sourcing
31 01-27-2014 Epilepsy 02-08-2014 Live[114] Live[115] Live[116] Failed Live[117]
32 01-27-2014 Hypothyroidism 02-08-2014 Do Do
33 04-07-2014 Down syndrome Do Do

Group Two (8)[edit]

Group 2
# English Greek Bulgarian Romanian* Croatian* Danish Polish Swedish Hungarian*
1 Schizophrenia [118] Live[119] Live[120] Live[121] Live [122] Don't Don't FA[123]
2 Dengue fever Live[124] Live[125] Live[126] Live[127] Do GA[128] Live[129] Live[130]
3 Urinary tract infection Merge[131] Live[132] Live[133] Live[134] Live[135] Live[136] Live[137] Live[138]
4 Streptococcal pharyngitis Live[139] Live[140] Live[141] Live[142] Do Live[143] Live[144] GA[145]
5 Anaphylaxis Live[146] Live[147] Live[148] Live[149] Failed Live[150] Live[151] FA[152]
6 Common cold Live[153] Live[154] Live[155] Live[156] Do Live[157] Live[158] GA[159]
7 Croup Live[160] Live[161] Live[162] Live[163] Live[164] Live - ?[165] Live[166] Live[167]
8 Gout Live[168] Live[169] Live[170] Live[171] Do Live[172] Do Done
9 Syphilis Live[173] Live[174] Live[175] FA[176] Live[177] GA[178] Live[179] Live[180]
10 Hepatitis C Live[181] Live[182] Live[183] Live[184] Live[185] Live[186] Live[187]
11 Hypertension Live[188] Live[189] Live[190] Live[191] Don't Live[192] FA[193]
12 Obesity Live[194] Live[195] Live[196] Do Do Live[197]
13 Diabetes mellitus type 2 Live[198] Live[199] Live[200] Live[201] Live[202] Live[203] Live[204] Done
14 Tuberculosis Live[205] Complete Live[206] FA[207] Live[208] Complete FA[209] Done
15 Gastroenteritis Live[210] Live[211] Live[212] FA[213] Complete Live[214] Live[215]
16 HIV/AIDS Don't Don't Do Do Both Done
17 Migraine Live[216] Live[217] Live[218] Live[219] Do Live[220] Done
18 Hemorrhoid Live[221] Live[222] Live[223] Live[224] Failed Live[225] Live[226] Don't
19 Meningitis Done[227] Complete Live[228] Live[229] Failed Complete Live[230] Done
20 Pneumonia Live[231] Live[232] Live[233] Live[234] Live[235] Live[236] Live[237] FA[238]
21 Asthma Live[239] Live[240] Live[241] Live[242] Live[243] Live[244] Do Live[245]
22 Suicide Live[246] Live[247] Live[248] Live[249] Live[250] Live[251] Don't Live[252]
23 Burn Live[253] Live[254] Live[255] Live[256] Failed Complete Do FA[257]
24 Lung cancer Done[258] Complete Live[259] Live[260] Complete Do Complete
25 Multiple sclerosis Live[261] Complete Live[262] FA*[263] Complete Do Live[264]
26 ADHD Don't Do Do
27 Birth control Live[265] Live[266] Don't Live[267] Live[268] Do FA[269]
28 Low back pain Live[270] Live[271] Live[272] Failed Complete Failed Complete
29 Circumcision Do Don't Do Don't
30 COPD Translating Translating Don't Sourcing Translating Don't Translating Translating
31 Epilepsy Live[273] Complete Live[274] FA[275] Failed Live[276] Partial Complete
32 Hypothyroidism Do Don't Do Do
33 Down syndrome Don't Don't
  • Croatian article on Mulitple scerosis is a previous featured article that can still be improved by integrating with translated text.

Group Three (6)[edit]

  • We are no longer translating into Dutch as there is not sufficient support from the local community.[277]
Group 3
# English Arabic Ukrainian Dutch Czech Serbian Slovenian
1 Schizophrenia Live [278] Live[279] Live[280] Live[281] Live[282] FA[283]
2 Dengue fever Don't Live[284] Live[285] Live[286] Live[287] Live[288]
3 Urinary tract infection Live[289] Live[290] Complete Live[291] Live[292] Live[293]
4 Streptococcal pharyngitis Don't Live[294] Live[295] Live[296] Live[297] Live[298]
5 Anaphylaxis Live[299] Live[300] Live[301] Live[302] Live[303] Live[304]
6 Common cold Live[305] Live[306] Live[307] Live[308] Live[309] Live[310]
7 Croup Live[311] Live[312] Live[313] Live[314] Live[315] Live[316]
8 Gout Live[317] Live[318] Complete Live[319] Live[320] Live[321]
9 Syphilis Don't Live[322] Failed Live[323] Live[324] Sifilis
10 Hepatitis C Live [325] Live[326] Complete Live[327] Live[328] Live[329]
11 Hypertension Live [330] Live[331] Complete Live[332] Live[333]
12 Obesity Live - FA* Live[334] Live[335] Failed Live[336] FA[337]
13 Diabetes mellitus type 2 Live[338] Live[339] Live[340] Live[341] Live[342] Live[343]
14 Tuberculosis Live[344] Live[345] Complete Don't Live[346] Live[347]
15 Gastroenteritis Live[348] Live[349] Complete Live[350] Live[351]
16 HIV/AIDS Don't Don't Don't AIDS
17 Migraine Live[352] Live[353] Don't Live[354] Live[355] Migrena
18 Hemorrhoid Complete Live[356] Complete Live[357] Live[358] Live[359]
19 Meningitis PC[360] Live[361] Live[362] Live[363] Live[364]
20 Pneumonia Complete Live[365] Failed Live[366] Live[367] Pljučnica
21 Asthma Live [368] Live[369] Live[370] Live[371] Live[372] Astma
22 Suicide Complete Live[373] Complete Live[374] Live[375] Samomor
23 Burn Live[376] Live[377] Failed Live[378] Live[379] Opeklina - stub
24 Lung cancer Do Live[380] Complete Live[381] Live[382] Live[383]
25 Multiple sclerosis PC[384] Live[385] Don't FA*[386] Live[387] Multipla skleroza
26 ADHD Don't Don't Do ADHD - stub
27 Birth control Complete Live[388] Don't Live[389] Live[390]
28 Low back pain Do Don't Don't
29 Circumcision Do Don't Do
30 COPD Translating Sourcing Don't Translating Stub,Translating live [391]
31 Epilepsy Do Live[392] Don't Complete Live[393] Live[394]
32 Hypothyroidism Do Don't Do
33 Down syndrome Don't Don't Do
34 Don't

Group Four (7)[edit]

Group 4
# English Portuguese 1 German Spanish French Russian Italian Dari (2)
1 Schizophrenia Don't Don't Don't Don't Don't Done -
2 Dengue fever Don't Don't Don't Don't Done -
3 Urinary tract infection Don't Don't Don't Done -
4 Streptococcal pharyngitis Do Don't Live[395] Don't Done Live[396]
5 Anaphylaxis Do Don't Don't Done Live[397]
6 Common cold Live Don't Don't Don't Done Live[398]
7 Croup Do Don't Live[399] Don't Done Complete
8 Gout Do Don't Live[400] Don't Done -
9 Syphilis Don't Don't Don't Done -
10 Hepatitis C Live Don't live Don't Done -
11 Hypertension Live Don't Don't Don't Live Complete
12 Obesity Don't Don't Don't Don't Done -
13 Diabetes mellitus type 2 Live Don't Don't Don't Done -
14 Tuberculosis Don't Don't Don't Don't Done Complete
15 Gastroenteritis Live[401] Don't Live[402] Done -
16 HIV/AIDS Live Don't Don't Done -
17 Migraine Do Don't Don't Done -
18 Hemorrhoid Do Don't Don't Done -
19 Meningitis Don't Don't Don't Done -
20 Pneumonia Do Don't Don't Done -
21 Asthma Don't Don't Don't Don't -
22 Suicide Don't Don't Don't Done -
23 Burn Do Don't Don't Done -
24 Lung cancer Live Don't Don't Don't -
25 Multiple sclerosis Live Don't Don't Done -
26 ADHD Do Don't Don't Done -
27 Birth control Don't Don't Don't Done -
28 Low back pain Do Don't Don't Done -
29 Circumcision Don't Don't Don't Done -
30 COPD Live Don't Don't Done -
31 Epilepsy Don't - -
32 Hypothyroidism Don't Done -
33 Down syndrome Don't Done -
34 Don't - -

(2) Dari Persian is an open test wiki of the Wikimedia Incubator but there will be no Dari Wikipedia. Therefore no additional translations will be done into Dari for this project.

Partial rollout A (20)[edit]

Overall coordination of these languages until January 2014 was performed by James Langridge (talk) ( profile); currently by Ildiko Santana (talk) ( profile). Please send a message if you are interested in assuming this role.

Group Five (11)[edit]

Group 5
# English Assamese Bengali Gujarati Kannada Malayalam Marathi Oriya Punjabi Tamil Telugu Urdu
1 Schizophrenia Do
2 Dengue fever Live[403] Done Failed Done[404] Live[405] Failed
3 UTI Live[406] Done Live[407] Do Live[408]
4 Strep throat Live[409] Failed Live[410] Failed Live[411] Failed Live[412] Do Live[413] Failed
5 Anaphylaxis Live[414] Live [415] Live[416] Do Live[417] Failed
6 Common cold Live[418] Live[419]
7 Croup Failed Live[420] Failed Failed Failed Live[421] Failed Live [422] Live[423] Live[424] Live[425]
8 Gout Done Do
9 Syphilis Live[426] Do Live[427]
10 Hepatitis C Live[428] Don't
11 Hypertension To review FA* Live[429]
12 Obesity Do
13 DM 2 Partial Live[430] Don't Live[431]
14 Tuberculosis Don't
15 Gastroenteritis Failed Failed Don't
16 HIV/AIDS Don't
17 Migraine Do
18 Hemorrhoid Live[432] Live[433] Live[434] Do Live[435]
19 Meningitis Do
20 Pneumonia
21 Asthma Don't
22 Suicide Do
23 Burn Do
24 Lung cancer Don't
25 MS Do
26 ADHD Do
27 Birth control Do
28 Low back pain Do
29 Circumcision Do
30 COPD Failed Sourcing Failed Failed Failed Failed Live[436] Translating Live[437] Failed Sourcing
31 Epilepsy Do
32 Hypothyroidism Do
33 Down syndrome Do

Group Six (9)[edit]

Group 6
# English Armenian C. Kurdish Japanese Javanese Korean Nepali Thai Turkish Vietnamese
1 Schizophrenia Don't Evaluate
2 Dengue fever GA[] Live[438] FA[439] Live[440]
3 Urinary tract infection Do Live[441] Live[442] Live[443]
4 Strep throat Live[444] Live[445] Live[446] Live[447] Live[448] Live[449]
5 Anaphylaxis Live[450] Live[451] Do Live[452] Live[453] Live[454] Live[455]
6 Common cold Don't Live[456]
7 Croup Live[457] Failed Live[458] Live[459] Live[460] Live[461] Live[462]
8 Gout Live[463] Do Live [464] Live[465] Live[466]
9 Syphilis Do Failed Live[467]
10 Hepatitis C Live[468] Do Live[469] Live[470]
11 Hypertension Live[471] Don't Live[472]
12 Obesity Don't Failed
13 Diabetes mellitus type 2 Do Failed Live[473]
14 Tuberculosis Don't
15 Gastroenteritis Live[474] Live[475]
16 HIV/AIDS Failed Don't Failed
17 Migraine Don't Live[476]
18 Hemorrhoid Do Live[477] Live[478] Live[479] Live[480]
19 Meningitis Live[481]
20 Pneumonia Do Live[482]
21 Asthma Don't
22 Suicide Don't
23 Burn Don't Live[483]
24 Lung cancer Do Don't
25 Multiple sclerosis Do
26 ADHD Don't
27 Birth control
28 Low back pain Don't
29 Circumcision Don't
30 COPD Sourcing Failed Don't Failed Translating Translating Sourcing Translating Translating
31 Epilepsy Don't
32 Hypothyroidism Do
33 Down syndrome

Partial rollout B (7)[edit]

Overall coordination of these languages and any language not included in this page by Enrique Cavalitto (talk) ( profile)

Group Seven (3)[edit]

Group 7
# English Rwanda Swahili Yoruba Igbo Zulu Hausa Shona Ganda Chewa Xhosa
1 Schizophrenia Live[484]
2 Dengue fever Live[485] Failed
3 Urinary tract infection Live[486]
4 Streptococcal pharyngitis Live[487] Live[488] Live[489]
5 Anaphylaxis Live[490] Live[491]
6 Common cold Failed Live[492]
7 Croup Live[493] Live[494]
8 Gout Live[495]
9 Syphilis Live[496]
10 Hepatitis C Live[497] Live[498]
11 Hypertension Live[499]
12 Obesity Live[500]
13 Diabetes mellitus type 2 Live[501]
14 Tuberculosis Live[502]
15 Gastroenteritis Live[503]
16 HIV/AIDS Live[504]
17 Migraine Live[505]
18 Hemorrhoid Live[506]
19 Meningitis Live[507]
20 Pneumonia Live[508]
21 Asthma Live[509]
22 Suicide Live[510]
23 Burn Live[511]
24 Lung cancer Live[512]
25 Multiple sclerosis Live[513]
26 ADHD Live [514]
27 Birth control Live[515]
28 Low back pain Live[516]
29 Circumcision
30 COPD Live[517]
31 Epilepsy
32 Hypothyroidism
33 Down syndrome

Group Eight (4) (Original American)[edit]

Group 3
# English Spanish ref. Quechua K'iche Guarani
1 Schizophrenia
2 Dengue fever
3 Urinary tract infection Complete
4 Streptococcal pharyngitis Complete Live[518] Live[519] Live[520]
5 Anaphylaxis Complete Live[521] Live [522]
6 Common cold Complete Live[523] Live [524] Live[525]
7 Croup Complete Live[526] Live[527] Live[528]
8 Gout
9 Syphilis
10 Hepatitis C
11 Hypertension
12 Obesity
13 Diabetes mellitus type 2
14 Tuberculosis
15 Gastroenteritis
17 Migraine
18 Hemorrhoid
19 Meningitis
20 Pneumonia
21 Asthma
22 Suicide
23 Burn
24 Lung cancer
25 Multiple sclerosis
27 Birth control
28 Low back pain
29 Circumcision
31 Epilepsy
32 Hypothyroidism
33 Down syndrome