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Medical Translation Project / Translation Task Force

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This is a list of articles sent for translation. It is a subset of the articles found here Book:Health care. The "SE" links to the simple English version. To find others to help with specific languages or to put yourself down to help with a specific language please add your name here. All jobs are managed in the TwB Translation Workspace.

Tracking of progress[edit]

Tracking of progress is done in Google Docs HERE. A description of the color coding is below.

As this project has expanded we have found that on Wikipedia tables are simply not manageable. The old tables can be seen here.

Access to the Translators Without Borders platform:

Account: Jmh649
Password: Wikipedia


Detailed information about the project is at the WikiProject Medicine Translation Task Force page, a detailed workflow is here, a summary is as follows:

  1. Get an English health article to featured article or good article status
  2. Translate either a simplified or full version of the English article into every other language in the world!
  3. Add the article into the Wikipedia of that language (instructions on how to do this are HERE)


  • Date: This is the date for the version of the main English article on which the translations are based
1. Needs evaluating : Article needs to be evaluated/assessed by a Wikipedian in that language to determine if translation is needed. Once this determination is made, please mark the table as
      Do – Do translate: Marked as to be translated, after which it is integrated
      Don't – Don't translate: Marked not to be translated: the article is already of high quality
2. Translated   : Translation has been completed, and integration is needed
3.  Live             : The article has been translated, integrated and edited and is now Live on the target Wikipedia.
     Done           : The article has been translated independent of our project, but is based upon the English version.
4. GA/FA        : The gold standard we want all our articles to reach! The translated article has achieved Good Article (GA) or Featured Article (FA) status in the target language Wikipedia.

TwB internal tracking:

  1. Sourcing     : We are looking for volunteer translators in the TwB Translation Workspace
  2. Translating : Being translated in the TwB Translation Workspace
  3. Translated  : Translation has been completed, and integration is needed
  4. Failed        : No available volunteer translators were found; article needs to be re-posted

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