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Mexico is a country in North America, and the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world.
11:13 (UTC); Wednesday, May 6, 2015

  WikiProject Mexico is the wikiproject dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to Mexico. It encompasses all articles, categories and images related to Mexico, including the Mexico Portal. The goals of this group are to provide guidelines and recommendations for Mexico related articles; to improve Wikipedia's coverage of Mexico by creating, expanding, and maintaining articles; and to serve as a central point of discussion for Mexico related issues in Wikipedia. To become a member simply add your name to the list below.

As of 6 May 2015, there are 18,416 articles within the scope of WikiProject Mexico, of which 67 are featured. This makes up 0.38% of the articles on Wikipedia and 0.92% of featured articles and lists. Including non-article pages, such as talk pages, redirects, categories, etcetera, there are 44,110 pages in the project.

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Subject structure and navigation
Refine and maintain the List of basic Mexico topics, a key guide on Wikipedia to Mexico as a subject. It serves as a table of contents, summary, and topic outline of coverage on the political entity Mexico and is the most useful tool on Wikipedia for exploring and understanding fundamental material about Mexico (and how it fits together) on Wikipedia. Its purpose is an important one: it simply enables readers to see at a glance how the subject of Mexico is broken down, what the component topics are, and how they relate to each other - that is, how information on Mexico is organized (here, and in the world-at-large). It is a site map and outline of knowledge that demystifies the subject known as "Mexico". Because of its central role in the presentation of Wikipedia's coverage of this subject, it is very important to develop and maintain it to the highest level of quality: to help readers improve their conceptual awareness and understanding of Mexico as well as find their way around this subject on Wikipedia. For examples of other pages in this set, see List of basic France topics, List of basic Thailand topics, List of basic Japan topics, List of basic Taiwan topics, and List of basic Iceland topics, all of which are currently completed to a higher level of quality than this page. In other words, it's getting its ass kicked: the List of basic Mexico topics is incomplete, needs your editing contributions, and is especially in need of maps and pictures.
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Mexico articles by quality statistics[edit]


  1. Bring our identified core topic articles (about 160) up to an agreed standard of quality. This work is coordinated through the COTF.
  2. Add a further list of "key topics" which includes many more specific subjects (important historical figures, etc.), as discussed here.
  3. Integrate suitable featured articles and the key quality articles identified by our contacts with WikiProjects into the core or key lists.
  4. Organize the articles in a coherent way, and identify any significant missing topics or articles needing urgent review. Integrate articles with suitable support material (lists, etc.).
  5. Identify any possible publication problems, agree on suitable publishers, pricing, media.
  6. Issue a final list of articles for publication. Ideally these would be reviewed by subject experts, and validated versions identified before publication and publish, on DVD, CD, paper or some combination.

Strategy consensus[edit]

State names

All 31 Mexican states are located at (e.g.) [[Statename]]. See earlier discussion at Talk:States of Mexico.

City names

When disambiguation is not required, city articles go at their natural location: e.g, Hermosillo, Coatzacoalcos. If disambiguation with another city (Mexican or foreign) is needed, use the "comma, state" format: Nogales, Sonora, Nogales, Veracruz, Nogales, Arizona. If a state and a city share a name, use the "comma, state" location for the city and the undisambiguated location for the state. e.g., Veracruz, Veracruz (the city) and Veracruz (the state). For ease of linking, most of the conceivable redirects are already in place: Aguascalientes (state), San Luis Potosí (city), etc.

General strategy and discussion forums[edit]

  • /Terminology: Discussion forum for terminology and translation issues. For example: ministers or secretaries? Federal deputies or congressmen? ¿El jefe delegacional en Álvaro Obregón?
  • /Strategy: Strategy and structure. For policy discussions on how to title articles, how to categorise, etc.
  • /Community: Noticeboard for editors interested in Mexican articles. Basically, a community forum: use it to list articles you'd like other participants to take a look at or get a second opinion on, call attention to content disputes, post alerts, or advertise your willingness to meet up in (e.g.) Acapulco next month.

New articles[edit]

List any Mexico-related articles you've recently created or significantly expanded (or seen someone else create). Please put new entries at the beginning category in which it belongs:

Usage of terms related to Aztec and other Mesoamerican cultures[edit]


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Task forces[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico/Community
  • Assessment Department
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This project is being to assess the quality and importance of articles which fall within its scope. Please see the assessment department for all the relevant information, and details on how you can help.

Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico/Assessment
  • Deletion Department
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