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Contest entries[edit]

The beginning class of the article is the classification at the beginning of the month. Please add entries in alphabetical order by user name in the following form:

| [[User:Username|]] || [[Talk:Article name]] || Entry class || End class || Points || Checked

Nominees should track their own entries, updating the table with the new classes and points earned as articles are reclassified (to avoid month-end congestion). This is self-scoring (but not self-assessing) so requests for assessments should be made through the normal channels. At month end, the closing coordinator will check the points claimed and tally them up; and update the master scoreboard.

For the scoring period ending 30 September

Nominee Article Entry class End class Points Checked
User:Cuprum17 Talk:USRC Hudson (1893) start B 5
User:Cuprum17 Talk:USRC Manning (1898) start B 5
User:Cuprum17 Talk:USRC Mohawk (1904) start B 5
User:Cuprum17 Talk:USRC Onondaga (1898) start
User:Cuprum17 Talk:USCGC Seneca (1908) C B 3
User:Djmaschek Talk:Battle of Haguenau (1793) stub B 6
User:Djmaschek Talk:Battle of Neerwinden (1793) start B 5
User:Ian Rose Talk:Henry Burrell (admiral) A FA 5
User:Lineagegeek Talk:819th Strategic Aerospace Division stub B 6
User:Lineagegeek Talk:427th Aircraft Sustainment Group none
User:Parsecboy Talk:French cruiser Waldeck-Rousseau stub GA 11
User:Parsecboy Talk:French cruiser Edgar Quinet stub GA 11
User:Parsecboy Talk:Edgar Quinet-class cruiser stub GA 11
User:Parsecboy Talk:SMS Kaiser Karl VI B GA 5
User:Parsecboy Talk:SMS Scharnhorst A FA 5
User:Parsecboy Talk:Italian cruiser Calabria none
User:Parsecboy Talk:List of cruisers of Germany A FL 5
User:Parsecboy Talk:Italian cruiser Fiume stub
User:Parsecboy Talk:German cruiser Prinz Eugen GA A 10
User:Peacemaker67 Talk:342nd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) Start B 5
User:Peacemaker67 Talk:Pećanac Chetniks Start B 5
User:Peacemaker67 Talk:Kosta Mušicki Start B 5
User:Tomobe03 Talk:Operation Southern Move none B 6
User:Tomobe03 Talk:Operation Sana B GA 5
User:Tomobe03 Talk:Operation Una B GA 5
User:Tomobe03 Talk:Velepromet camp B GA 5
User:Zawed Talk:Capture of Le Quesnoy (1918) none
User:Zawed Talk:Thomas Axford start B 5
User:Zawed Talk:Jack Hinton start B 5
User:Zawed Talk:Robert Beatham start B 5
User:Zawed Talk:Alexander Burton start B 5
User:Zawed Talk:Henry Dalziel start B 5
User:Zawed Talk:Patrick Bugden start B 5
User:Zawed Talk:Alby Lowerson start B 5
User:Zawed Talk:James Park Woods start B 5
User:Zawed Talk:Buttes New British Cemetery none B 6
User:Zawed Talk:Buttes New British Cemetery (New Zealand) Memorial start B 5
User:Catlemur Talk:Operation All Clear - B 6
User:Catlemur Talk:Paraguayan People's Army insurgency start C 2