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From the editors

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Greetings from The Bugle!

As mentioned last month, the Review department has been officially closed and its functions devolved into the Announcement template (add to watchlist) and the new A-Class review subpage (add to watchlist). It will continue to exist for the moment as a separate page until the coordinators decide what should be done with the page.

There are several discussions taking part around the project. The Wikimedia Foundation's project self-assessment is still up and open for new views on our strengths, weaknesses, and other assorted issues. On the strategy department's talk page, there is discussion on how to improve the Milhist notability guide. The main project talk page has quite a few threads up that could use more participation or questions answered.

In assorted miscellanea:

  • Wikipedians visiting the National Archives scanned ten extremely large TIFFs (roughly 50MB each) onto Commons. Help downsizing these into useable jpgs would be appreciated.
  • An effort to start a new B-Class assessment drive is located here, and a proposal to create a new "military structure" infobox is located here
  • A collaboration with the United Kingdom's National Maritime Museum, spearheaded by The Land, has resulted in the release of thousands of pages of data on Royal Navy ships. As WP:GLAM/NMM goes on to say:
They would like us to use this data to update Wikipedia articles on the relevant ships, cross-referencing and combining it with other data where appropriate - that is to say, doing everything we would normally do with a Wikipedia article. Once that's done they will use the information in Wikipedia as the outcome of their "Warship Histories" project. This collaboration has the potential to help us start or improve several thousand articles and is the first project of its scale and scope. Please do get involved!

Thanks for stopping by! Any comments or questions about The Bugle are always welcome on the news and editorials talk page. Your editors, Cam (Chat)(Prof) and Ed [talk] [majestic titan]

Awards and honours

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Contest department

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  • The contest department has completed its fiftieth month of competition. A total of 38 articles were submitted by five editors. Parsecboy came first with 160 points from 20 entries, followed by Ian Rose with 35 points from five entries. They receive the Chevrons and the Writer's Barnstar, respectively. An honourable mention goes to Djmaschek with 34 points. Wild Wolf and Oldwildbill also entered the competition. Please submit any articles you are working on for the August contest now.