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From the editors

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Greetings from The Bugle! Some changes are soon coming to the project and this paper.

Kirill's proposal to shutter two departments to reduce project bureaucracy gained enough support and will be implemented. The logistics and review departments will be closed, and their more useful components will be merged to other areas of the project. A list of all Milhist-related A-class and FAC reviews will still be maintained at Template:WPMILHIST Announcements. At The Bugle, Nick-D has kindly offered to write a Wikipedia-focused military history book review section for each month's issue. Keep an eye on these for books that could assist with the topic(s) you write about on Wikipedia! Also, the editorial section has been renamed to "op-ed" to better reflect the usage of the recurring section.

Fifelfoo has written the bulk of the op-ed for this month. It provides a case study on what he did in checking South American dreadnought race for plagiarism. Please take a look, even if you don't review articles, as you might find ways to improve your own writing from what he has written. If you have an issue or any thoughts you'd like to share with the Milhist community on Wikipedia, the op-ed section is always looking for additional items.

The Wikimedia Foundation, through their community liaison Maggie Dennis (known to us as Moonriddengirl), has asked us to self-assess our project. Please add your views to the page, as it will help Milhist and the encyclopedia as a whole:

The purpose is to identify what works and does not work for community groups on Wikimedia Foundation projects, to help promote good practices across projects. It is also intended to help brainstorm ways for community groups to reach out to new users interested in their areas, to help encourage growth for Wikipedia. I will be presenting information gathered from this conversation to the Wikimedia Foundation, both to help provide guidelines to other projects and to see if there is anything the Foundation can do to better facilitate your work. Your contribution ... is very much appreciated. Brainstorming is very welcome ..., as it may be helpful to generate a kind of consensus view of the issues as well as to note individual opinions.

Any comments or questions about The Bugle are always welcome on the news and editorials talk page. Your editors, Cam (Chat)(Prof) and Ed [talk] [majestic titan]

Awards and honours

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Contest department

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  • The contest department has completed its forty-ninth month of competition. A total of 11 articles were submitted by five editors. Ian Rose and Ed tied for first place with 21 points and consequently both have been awarded the Chevrons. Djmaschek came second with 18 points and has received the Writer's Barnstar. Parsecboy and Buggie111 also entered articles in the competition. Please submit any articles you are working on for the July contest now.