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Hello everyone and thanks for reading. October was relatively quiet at Milhist, but there were quite a few new Featured Articles, as can be seen over at the article news page. At the Bugle, we have a new co-editor, Ian Rose, who is taking over for Cam beginning with this issue. The Bugle thanks both for their dedication to this newsletter.

There are many A-Class reviews currently open. Even if you've never reviewed before, you're encouraged to go and offer your thoughts. Critically reading and commenting on another editor's work will improve not only their writing, but yours. For more on A-Class reviewing, see the Academy articles: "Reviewing your first A-class article" and "How to prepare an A-Class Review".

This month's op-ed is a review of the newly redeveloped Bundeswehr Military History Museum, Germany's principal museum in this field, by Nick-D. As always, anyone who has an opinion on anything Milhist- or Wikipedia-related is encouraged to write an op-ed and submit it in the Newsroom. You're also free to draw a cartoon, create a story in pictures – use your imagination! You could be next month's author.

Last, The Bugle was featured in the Signpost '​s "WikiProject Report" section this week. If you'd like to know more about the history of the newsletter or the motivations behind some of the editorial decisions here, feel free to check it out! Your editors, Ed [talk] [majestic titan] and Ian Rose (talk).

Awards and honours

  • The WikiChevrons with Oak Leaves has been awarded to:
    • AustralianRupert: In recognition of his dedicated contributions to the Military history WikiProject during his tenure as coordinator, as exemplified by his diligent and helpful participation in A-Class reviews and by the kindness with which he has treated nominators and reviewers
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