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The Military history WikiProject Newsletter: Issue LV (September 2010)
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From the coordinators

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Greetings to all who receive the Military history WikiProject newsletter. As you may know, the September 2010 coordinator elections have successful concluded. AustralianRupert, Cam, Dana Boomer, Dank, EyeSerene, Ian Rose, Joe N, MBK004, Ranger Steve, Shimgray, Sturmvogel 66, The ed17, TomStar81, and Woody have all been elected to serve until September 2011, with Parsecboy leading the coordination team. I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome Dana Boomer and Shimgray to the team, and welcome back Cam from a break last term. Kirill Lokshin and Roger Davies are of course continuing in their roles as coordinators emeritus.

We offer our grateful thanks to our outgoing lead coordinator, TomStar81, for his leadership and commitment during the past year, and to MisterBee1966 who decided not to stand for re-election this time around. Thanks also go to all who participated in the election, both as candidates and voters; we truly appreciate your time and consideration.

For the X coordinator tranche, Parsecboy.

Discussions and proposals

Ongoing discussions at the strategy think tank:

  • Development of a "wars, battles and skirmishes" notability guideline. Progress in this area has been slow so far. There have been some suggestions as to what constitutes notability for wars, battles and skirmishes, but discussion has currently stalled around defining criteria for individual engagements. All input is welcome here.
  • Encouraging new reviewers at A-Class review. Following suggestions made during the election, we are examining ways to encourage new reviewers to contribute to our A-Class reviews. One idea is to implement a more organised review system with sections for commenting on each individual criterion; Shimgray has kindly mocked up a tentative layout which is being discussed here.
  • Implementation of C-Class. We last looked at this around 18 months ago, so some members felt that the time was ripe to do so again. Discussion is currently focussed on the practicalities of operating a C-Class assessment system through our main talk page template, although no decision has yet been taken on whether we will adopt C-Class as a project. All interested parties are invited to contribute here.

Proposals for project approval:

  • Proposal for restructuring task forces. Having developed a proposal to address the shortcomings of our task force system, we are now in the final stage of seeking approval from our members. In short, the proposal suggests that in future task forces will be simplified structurally and all talk page activity redirected to the main project talk page. Please register your opinion here.