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Phase I progress[edit]

A large warship with a tall, pagoda-like superstructure, single funnel and multiple gun turrets, steaming in the open ocean.
Japanese battleship Yamato on trials in 1941
Operation Majestic Titan (Phase I) assessment statistics logcategory

Short-term goals[edit]

For a project of this magnitude it will take several years to complete each of the separate phases. Therefore some smaller goals have been defined for our members to work towards, which currently are:

In total 25% Featured articles/lists: 88.6% complete
In total 75% Good articles or higher: 90.2% complete
30 Good or Featured topics: 73.3% complete

Long-term goals[edit]

We hope to eventually attain:

50% Featured Articles/Lists: 44.2% complete
All Good Articles or higher: 67.7% complete