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This page is intended to become a place for advice on, for example, the operation of external (to wikipedia) tools such as gene and protein databases and programs for making molecular images or reaction pathways etc.. It should be moved/renamed as appropriate.


If you notice that an article might benefit from an image of some description, you can try to make it yourself with help from the MCB project members (see subsections below for further advice) or you may leave a request on the Picture Request Page and someone from the MCB project will create the image.

Molecular imaging[edit]

A considerable number of MCB articles involve a variety of proteins for which a structural diagram might be considered appropriate. To aid the construction of these diagrams several imaging programs exist, including the MCB project-supported Pymol. A tutorial has been written to enable new users to begin producing protein images as quickly as possible: Pymol tutorial.

If you have any questions, you can ask at the MCB Help Page while might consider voicing suggestions for improvement of the tutorial on it's talk page.

Pictoral diagrams[edit]

The diagram guide provides suggestions regarding the colour of diagrams, the file format to be used and also provides some template images to be used in constructing biochemical pathway diagrams.

External Links[edit]

This section contains a collection of potentially useful links for MCB contributors. Please add sections and links as appropriate.


Protein Data Bank


PyMol molecular imaging software