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Task forces are groups of Wikipedians gathered for collaborative work on a particular topic within a WikiProject.

The MCB project is organized into task forces to deal with smaller chunks of MCB as this project has a wide scope. Everyone is encouraged to participate in any task forces that interest them.

List of WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology task forces[edit]

To propose a new task force, please visit Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology/Task forces.

Why task forces?[edit]

The major reasons for using task forces are convenience and lifespan:

  • Maintaining an independent WikiProject entails some administrative hassle: You have to keep a current entry for the WikiProject in the WikiProject Council's directory. You have to decide whether or not to be involved in article assessment, and if you are, then you have to create project-specific standards for assessment. You have to create project-specific templates. You have to find a source of new members. In short, it can be a bureaucratic hassle that significantly distracts a small group from the major point, which is to improve articles.
  • Small WikiProjects often have short lifespans. When one or two active editors change their focus, or become inactive, the projects die. Task forces, however, are meant to be smaller groups and can wax and wane as needed, without needing to worry about the task force itself disappearing.
  • Other reasons have been suggested at the MCB talk page Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Task force creation guidelines[edit]

Once a proposed task force has been discussed at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology/Task forces, follow the steps below. Replace name with the name of the task force (usually the name of the specialty).


* Add links to the task force and its talk page to {{WPMED Navigation}} - Should MCB do the same on it's nav box?

  • Announce the creation of the task force at the announcements page.
  • Consider announcing its creation at a very small number of key articles within the task force's scope (such as Metabolism for the Metabolic Pathways task force).

Converting existing projects to task forces[edit]

To convert existing projects, follow the above steps with a few modifications.

  • If the project performed article assessments, some categories may already exist. These should be modified to fit the new category structure as mentioned above.
  • Instead of creating a new task force page, move the project and its talk page to "Wikipedia:WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology/name task force"
  • Check for subpages and move them as well. Be sure to update links that point to those pages.
  • Check for pre-existing auto-archiving on talk pages, and update those links as well.
  • Remove link to old WikiProject at Wikipedia:WikiProject Biology#Related WikiProjects
  • The project template used on article talk pages will become obsolete.
    • Article talk pages with both the project's banner and WPMED's banner need to have the project's banner removed, and the task force's parameters added to {{WPMCB}}
    • Article talk pages with only the project's banner need to have {{WPMCB}} added with the task force's parameters
    • Either redirect the old template or have it deleted.

** Remove the old template from the list of alternatives at this page. - I suppose there is no MCB equivalent?