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The WikiProject on New Zealand politics is a project to better organise information in articles related to the politics and governments of New Zealand at national, (historic) provincial and local levels of government. It is a sub-project to WikiProject New Zealand.


The scope of the project is government and politics, both current and historical, from national to local level. It includes the legislative, elections, referenda, opinion polls and the judiciary. Regional, city and district councils are included. People such as MPs, activists and councillors are included.

Politics taskforce membership[edit]

Flag of New Zealand.svg This user is a member of WikiProject NZ politics. SIF-Beehive-3-Cropped.jpg

To join the New Zealand politics taskforce, please place the following on your user page:

{{User WikiProject New Zealand/politics}}

To invite somebody else, please place the following template and instructions on their talk page:

{{User WikiProject New Zealand/politics|<Your user name> wants you to join '''[[Wikipedia:WikiProject New Zealand/politics|WikiProject NZ politics]]'''.}}

To join the New Zealand politics taskforce, please place the following on your user page:<br/><nowiki>{{User WikiProject New Zealand/politics}}</nowiki> ~~~~

The relevant category shows the membership.


Next general election[edit]

  • Work on articles for likely new MPs; refer to the relevant sub-page.
  • New electorate maps for all but 25 of the electorates individually. GIS files for the boundaries of electorates are available here.
  • A new electorate map for the whole country.

Infoboxes, parlboxes and succession boxes[edit]

All MPs should eventually have Infoboxes, parlboxes and succession boxes. CatScan can be used to generate lists, and here are the links to regenerate the results, and counts at various points in time:

Group 4 Sep 2010 20 Jan 2011 16 Aug 2011 29 Sep 2011 22 Dec 2011 8 Feb 2012 12 Mar 2012 13 Apr 2012 26 Jun 2012 18 Aug 2012
All MPs recursive 1336 1368 1370 1368 1394 1394 1395 1396 1396 1391
Missing Infobox person/officeholder 978 988 980 974 969 958 954 952 947 940
Missing NZ parlbox 886 851 829 791 745 611 527 353 266 151
Missing succession boxes 1106 977 846 832 838 772 760 740 708 607

Parlboxes are all done.

Group 1 Dec 2012 6 May 2013
Missing Infobox person/officeholder 926 922
Missing succession boxes 567 419

As you can see, there's a fair chunk of work yet to be done, but there's certainly movement.


Assessment results in articles being included in the above table. Article class and politics importance are the aspects to be assessed:

  • Add{{WPNZ}} to the talk pages of articles that come under WikiPrject New Zealand's scope.
  • Articles that come under this politics task force's scope should have |politics=yes included in the WPNZ template. Importance to this task force can be defined by including and filling in the politics-importance= parameter.
  • For example, for a start class article of low importance for WPNZ, but mid importance for the politics project, the full template entry would look like this: {{WPNZ|class=start|importance=low|politics=yes|politics-importance=mid}}. See WP:WikiProject New Zealand/Assessment for more information.
  • All existing articles should have had the |politics=yes added to them; we achieved this through a bot run in July 2010.
  • New articles created since need to have the parameters added manually.
  • If you find a category where the articles fall within the scope of this project, but the politics parameters are missing, please leave a note on the project talk page.

The above table updates itself about daily. It's done by a bot. So if you have just assessed an article, the table will not change immediately.


The following category stubs can be added to stub articles:

Other stub types are also available.

Other tasks[edit]

  • Party lists in New Zealand general elections

MPs for New Zealand electorates by location[edit]

At present the category Category:Members of the New Zealand House of Representatives by electorate has subcategories for the South Island with further subcategories for Christchurch and Dunedin electorates, and subcategories for the North Island with a subcategory for Auckland electorates only.

  • Should the Auckland category be for the Auckland Region, not Auckland as at present? Probably not?
  • Should the Wellington category be for Wellington City only, or for Wellington Region (including the Hutt Valley, Kapiti and the Wairarapa?)
  • Probably Wellington (City) only; in which case there should be a third North Island subcategory of MPs for Hutt Valley electorates.

Are any further subcategories required for other North Island urban areas, e.g. Hamilton. Probably not, as there have only been two Hamilton electorates (Hamilton, then Hamilton East and Hamilton West)? Hugo999 (talk) 09:52, 9 July 2012 (UTC)

Review articles[edit]

Mayors of New Zealand cities[edit]

We should have lists of mayors for the cities in New Zealand, and eventually for the districts and regions. The following table shows that all the city articles have been done, though some may require additions or revision. The populations given are the Statistics New Zealand estimated resident population (June 2013 estimate).[1] A Template:Mayors in New Zealand is included under resources below.

Mayor of city City council population First proclaimed Ranking (size) Notes
Mayor of North Shore 229,000 1989 4
Mayor of Waitakere 208,100 1989 5
Mayor of Auckland 450,300 1871 1
Mayor of Manukau 375,600 1965 3
Mayor of Hamilton 150,200 1936 7
Mayor of Tauranga 117,600 1963 9
Mayor of Napier 57,800 1950 12
Mayor of Palmerston North 85,900 1930 11
Mayor of Porirua 53,300 1965 14 mayor of Porirua
Mayor of Upper Hutt 41,700 1966 16 Upper Hutt mayors
Mayor of Lower Hutt 102,900 1941 10 History of Lower Hutt, History timeline
Mayor of Wellington 204,000 1870 6
Mayor of Nelson 46,800 1874 15 Nelson mayors up to 1903
Mayor of Christchurch 366,000 1868 2
Mayor of Dunedin 127,900 1865 8
Mayor of Invercargill 52,900 1930 13 mayors of Invercargill up to 1905

Timeline of achievements[edit]

Some tasks have been completed. Below is a timeline of achievements:

  • Jan 2010 - the list of electorates was complete
  • Jul 2010 - all politics articles have been identified through adding politics=yes to the WPNZ tag
  • Dec 2010 - the list of MPs was complete.
  • Mar 2012 - all cities now have a list article for their mayors.
  • Dec 2012 - all MP articles have a parlbox.
  • Dec 2012 - all nth Parliament articles have been published.
  • Aug 2013 - the list of MLCs was complete.

Article alerts[edit]

Note that you can watchlist these alerts:

Good article nominees


New Zealand ministries[edit]

See List of New Zealand ministries.

Photos of current politicians[edit]

For more on media of current politicians, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject New Zealand/Content task force#Photos of Current Politicians.



Terms of the
New Zealand Parliament

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1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th
6th | 7th | 8th | 9th | 10th
11th | 12th | 13th | 14th | 15th
16th | 17th | 18th | 19th | 20th
21st | 22nd | 23rd | 24th | 25th
26th | 27th | 28th | 29th | 30th
31st | 32nd | 33rd | 34th | 35th
36th | 37th | 38th | 39th | 40th
41st | 42nd | 43rd | 44th | 45th
46th | 47th | 48th | 49th | 50th

Current Political Parties.

Parties no longer in existence. When working with parties, please refer to the page on colours and other meta attributes. And if you need to define a new party colour, there's a helpful page that has a whole bunch of different shades. If you need a hand with that work (it's a bit complex), leave a call for help on the talk page.

Mayors in New Zealand - note that all fields needed have been created, but most is commented out, as we would otherwise have a sea of redlinks.



Three histories by Barry Gustafson have appendices of paragraphs of brief biographies of political contemporaries:

  • Gustafson, Barry (1986). The First 50 Years : A History of the New Zealand National Party. Auckland: Reed Methuen. ISBN 0-474-00177-6. 
  • Gustafson, Barry (1980). Labour's path to political independence: The Origins and Establishment of the New Zealand Labour Party, 1900–19. Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press. ISBN 0-19-647986-X. 
  • Gustafson, Barry (1986). From the Cradle to the Grave: A biography of Michael Joseph Savage. Auckland, New Zealand: Reed Methuen. ISBN 0-474-00138-5. 
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  • McRobie, Alan (1989). New Zealand Electoral Atlas. Wellington: GP Books. ISBN 0-477-01384-8. 
  • Margaret Clark (ed.), Keith Holyoake: Towards a Political Biography (Dunmore Press, 1997)
  • Margaret Clark (ed.), Peter Fraser: Master Politician (Dunmore Press,1998)
  • Margaret Clark (ed.) Three Labour Leaders: Nordmeyer, Kirk and Rowling (Dunmore Press, 2001)
  • Margaret Clark (ed.) Holyoake's Lieutenants (Dunmore Press, 2003)
  • Margaret Clark (ed.) Muldoon Revisited (Dunmore Press, 2004).
  • Margaret Clark (ed.) Lange and the Fourth Labour Government (Dunmore Press, 2005).
  • Clifton, Jane. Political Animals: Confessions of a Parliamentary Zoologist. Auckland: Penguin Books, 2005.
  • Boston, Jonathan, Stephen Levine, Elizabeth McLeay, and Nigel S. Roberts, eds. New Zealand Under MMP: A New Politics? Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1996.
  • Boston, Jonathan, Stephen Levine, Elizabeth McLeay, and Nigel S. Roberts, eds. From Campaign to Coalition: New Zealand's First General Election Under Proportional Representation. Palmerston North: The Dunmore Press, 1997.
  • Martin, John E. The House: New Zealand's House of Representatives 1854-2004. Palmerston North: Dunmore Press, 2004.
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  • Boston, Jonathan, Stephen Church, and Hilary Pearse. "Explaining the Demise of the National-New Zealand First Coalition." Australian Journal of Political Science 39, no. 3 (2004): 585-603.
  • James, Colin. "Comment: Ten Prime Ministers." Political Science 56, no. 2 (2004): 5-10.

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