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The Novels WikiProject Newsletter
Issue XV - August 2007
Project news
  • During July we passed the 13,000 mark for articles tagged as within the scope of the WikiProject.
Member news
  • The project has currently 248 members, 8 joined & 0 leavers since the last newsletter at the start of July 2007
Other news
Novel related news
Current debates
  • On {{Infobox_Book}} we have new debates on ISBN format and coding ideas. Also we have the possibility of making or asserting COinS usage, for those who know more about this please get involved.
From the Members

Welcome to the fifteenth issue of the Novels WikiProject's newsletter! Use this newsletter as a mechanism to inform yourselves about progress at the project and please be inspired to take more active roles in what we do.

We would encourage all members to get more involved and if you are wondering what with, please ask.

Kevinalewis : (Talk Page)/(Desk), Initiating Editor

Collaboration of the Month
Newsletter challenge

Last month's As For Me and My House challenge was getting left so I Kevinalewis (talk · contribs) had a pop at it. Please add anything you can find about this important work of Canadian literature. .

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