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The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits[edit]

The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits, 3rd ed., Rosemary Ellen Guiley, 2007, 0-8160-6737-6.

Major articles[edit]

Over 2 pages

Significant articles[edit]

3 paragraphs to 2 pages

Minor articles[edit]

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  • Amityville case – Background**; Investigations*; Controversy**; Lawsuits**; Aftermath**;
  • Antietam battlefield – The Battle**; Haunting activity**;
  • Apparition – Characteristics of apparitions**; Historical and cultural beliefs about apparitions**; Study of apparitions**; Types of apparitions**; Theories about apparitions in psychical research**;
    • Apparition – Types of apparitions – Crisis apparitions*; Apparitions of the dead*; Collective apparitions*; Reciprocal apparitions*; Deathbed apparitions*; Apparitions in cases suggestive of reincarnation*;
  • Benjamin Fish Austin – Publishing career**;
  • Barnstable House – History**; Haunting activity**;
  • Bell Witch – Legend #1**; Legend #2**; Legend #3**; Subsequent Activity**; The Bell Witch Cave**; Explanations for the Bell Witch**;
  • Billy Bishop Legion Hall – History*; Haunting Activity*;
  • Bird Cage Theatre – History**; Haunting Activity*;
  • Black Aggie – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Blennerhassett Hotel – History*; Haunting Activity**;
  • Blennerhassett Island – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Alphonse Capone or “Scarface” Capone or Al Capone – Life**; Haunting Phenomena**;
  • Cashtown Inn – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Castle Hasdeu – History and Haunting Activity**; Explanations of Haunting Activity*;
  • Chatham – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Chickamauga battlefield – The Battle**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Constellation or U.S.S. Constellation – History**; Hautning Activity**;
  • Craigdarroch Castle – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Crescent Hotel – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Deane House – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Demon – Historical overview**; Characteristics of demons**;
  • Dreams – Historical overview**; After-death communications**; Dreams by the dying*; Dreams of ghosts and apparitions**; Dream invasion*;
  • Eastern State Pentientiary – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Electronic voice phenomena – History**; Characteristics of EVP**; Techniques**; Explanations of EVP**;
  • Evocation – Evocation for prophecy**; Evocation in Dreams*; Evocation for Ghost-Laying**;
  • Exorcism – Overview**; Catholic exorcism**; Deliverance Ministries*; Jewish exorcism*; Nonweatern views*; Medical views*; Exorcism of ghosts**;
  • Fetish – Ancient Egyptian fetishes*; African-American fetishes**; Native American fetishes**;
  • First Unitarian Church of Alton – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Fredericksburg battlefield and environs – Battle at Fredericksburg**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Gettysburg battlefield – The Battle**; Hauntings**;
    • Gettysburg battlefield – Hauntings – Devil's Den and the Slaughter Pen**; Spangler's Spring*; Baladerryt Inn*; Cashtown Inn*; Pennsylvania Hall or the “Old Dorm”*; Rose Farm*; George Weikert House*; David Willis House*; Hummelbaugh House*;
  • Ghost – Historical Overview**; The Returning Dead*; Superstitions about Ghosts**; Characteristics of Ghosts**; Psychical research and ghosts**; Paranormal investigations and ghosts*; Geomagnetic and electromagnetic factors and ghosts*; Ghosts and Liminality**; Getting ride of ghosts*; Skeptics and ghosts*;
  • Ghost Club – History**; Membership*; Philosophy and activities*;
  • Ghost lights – Famous Ghost Lights**;
  • Ghost Research Society – History and Organization**; Investigation Activities**;
  • Andrew Malcolm Green – Life**; Paranormal views and works**;
  • Ham House – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Hammersmith Ghost – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Hampton Court – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Harpers Ferry – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Hatley Castle – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Haunting – Characteristics of Hauntings**; Causes of Hauntings**; Place Energy**; Artificially Induced Hauntings*; Ending Hauntings*;
  • Hans Holzer – Life**; Views on the Paranormal**;
  • Instrumental transcommunication – History**; ITC Technology**; The Afterlife**; The Project**;
  • Jott – Walkabout*; Comeback*; Flyaway*; Turnup*; Windfall*; Trade-in*;
  • Dale David Kaczmarek – Life**; Paranormal views and works**;
  • Kenmore – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Leap Castle – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Lemp Mansion – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Abraham Lincoln – Life**; The Influence of Spiritualism**; Paranormal experiences**; Ghost Train Home**; Repeated Burials**; Lincoln's Haunting Activity**; Hauntings Associated with the Assassination**;
  • Lizzie Borden House – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Lowe Hotel – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Manresa Castle – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Manrow House – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Marian apparitions – Authenticated apparitions**; Unauthenticated apparitions**;
    • Marian apparitions – Authenticated apparitions – Guadalupe, Mexico**; Lourdes, France**; Fatima, Poortugal**;
    • Marian apparitions – Unauthenticated apparitions – Zeitoun, Egypt**; Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina**; Conyers, Georgia**;
  • Simon Marsden – Life**; Views on the Paranormal**;
  • McLaughlin House – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • McPike Mansion – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Mediumship – Overview**; Medical Considerations of Mediumship**; Mediumship in Spiritualism**; Psychical research and mediumship**; Mediumship and Survival**;
  • Lucy Maud Montgomery – Life**; Views on the Paranormal**;
  • Morris-Jumel Mansion – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Mount Shasta – Indian Myths**; Origins of the Name*; Mount Shasta Today*; Ghosts and Powers**; Lemurians and Secret Cities**; The Great White Brotherhood**; Mystery Lights**; Pluto Cave: Hell or ET Sanctuary?*; Fairy Falls*; UFOs and ETs*; Bigfoot*;
  • Moving coffins – The Chase Crypt of Barbados**; Other Cases of Moving Coffins**;
  • Myrtles Plantation – History**; Haunting Activity**; Questionable Ghosts*; Chloe**; Murdered Union Soldiers*; Murdered caretaker*; Embellishments to the Winter murder*; Haunted mirror*;
  • Necromancy – Necromancy for Magical Spells**; Reanimation Necromancy**; Necromany in Medieval Europe**;
  • Olde Angel Inn – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Orbs – Characteristics of Orbs*; Locations of Orbs*; Explanations of Orbs**;
  • Paranormal investigation – Historical Overview**; Characteristics of Investigation**; Use of High-Technology Tools**; Elements of Investigation**; Challenges in the Field**;
  • Edgar Allan Poe – Life**; Works*; Poe Grave*; Poe House and Museum**;
  • Possession – Overview**; Demonic Possession**; Spirits and Multiple Personality**; The Influence of Spiritualism**; Spirit Possession Elsewhere in the World**; Possession by the Holy Spirit*;
  • Queen Mary – History*; Haunting Activity**;
  • St. Louis exorcism case – Overview*; The Case**; The Exorcism**; Aftermath**; Divided Opinions**;
  • Saint Valentine's Day Massacre – History**; Haunting Activity*;
  • Scole Experimental Group – History**; Investigation**; Controversy**; Scole in Review**;
  • Schotchtown – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Screaming Skulls – The Wardley Skull**; The Bettiscombe Skull**; The Burton Agnes Skull**; Tunstead Farm Skull**;
  • Shadow people – Bedroom watchers*; Shadows on walls*; Moving shadows*; Background visitors*; Haunting presences*;
  • Smells – Foul Smells*;
  • Susy Smith – Life**; The Afterlife Codes**;
  • Spirit photography – History**; Explanations of Spirit Photographs**; Orbs and Light Anomalies*; Spirits in Backgrounds*; Natural Causes*; Fraud*; The Need for Discernment*;
  • Stanley Hotel – History*; Haunting Activity*;
  • Stratford – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Telepathy – Historical Overview**; Explanations of Telepathy**; Telepathy in Mediumship*; Telepathy in Paranormal Investigation**;
  • Thornewood Castle – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Peter Underwood – Life**; Views on Ghosts and Hauntings**; Works*;
  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Kelly Weaver – Life**; Paranormal Views, Experiences, and Works**;
  • West Virginia Penitentiary – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Whaley House – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • White House – History**; Haunting Activity**;
  • Woodlawn Plantation – History**; Haunting Activity**;