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Geographic divisions in Philosophy articles[edit]

This is a proposed WIkipedia:Wikiproject Philosophy standard of practice.Please feel free to edit it, and join the discussion in the Talk page.

This policy is intended to bring the Philosophy articles in to line with Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias.

Philosophical discussion is often posited on geographic presumptions. Eastern philosophy is clumped together and opposed by the ubiquitous Western philosophy, analytic philosophy is juxtaposed to continental philosophy.

In writing philosophical articles, these distinctions should be avoided.

  • These distinctions are based on geography, not on the links between philosophical traditions.
  • There is considerable interplay between Eastern and Western philosophical traditions, and between Continental and Analytic traditions. Articles should discuss these relations, rather than force the traditions apart.

Eastern and western[edit]

The guiding principle is that the articles on what have been called "Eastern" philosophies and methods should be treated in much the same way as the articles from the "Western" tradition. They should certainly not be hived off into Ghettos labeled "Eastern philosophy" or some such.

Analytic and continental[edit]