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This page is about articles related to piers. Goals: To increase the number and quality of articles about piers, improve their formatting and language, add references and media, and increase standardization. Scope: This page is related to articles about specific piers, types of piers, lists of piers, pier categorization, and related templates. If you would like to help, check the to do list or articles needing attention.

Membership Template[edit]

Template for members to include on their user page: {{user piers}}.

Project Participants[edit]

Former project participants[edit]

  • Paul E. Ester
  • Lynbarn (chief interest: UK seaside pleasure piers - pier railways)
  • KieranT (not much help beyond the south coast of England, but willing to help out :)
  • davellandudno (main interest: UK seaside pleasure piers - pier pavilions)
  • Dthomsen8 New Jersey piers, and American piers in general
  • Stuffed cat Interested in the pleasure piers of the UK/Yorkshire coast

To Do[edit]

Change log[edit]

Add Major edits to the


The basic Wiki guidelines should be followed normally. The and serve as good models.


The introduction sentence should include what type of pier it is, what it spans (river, lake, ocean, etc.), and where it is located:

'''pier''' is a [[pier type]] that spans [[body of water/land]] between [[city, state]] and [[city, state]]. (Notableinformation here, like if it's oldest/tallest/largest of its type). It was built in [[year]] by [[agency responsible for construction]] and was designed by [[notable engineer or firm]].

Images and media[edit]

Please upload media to Wikimedia Commons so that it can be used across all Wikipedia projects easily. If there are many pictures a gallery at the bottom of the page is an option to consider.

Templates and infoboxes[edit]

Template:Infobox pier is the preferred template and works best for users if it is at the top of the page.


The article should be included in the category for the type of pier that it is (example Category:Amusement Piers). It should also contain a category based on location, such as Category:Piers in the United Kingdom

There has been much discussion at Wikipedia talk:Categorization and on this talk page about the best way to organize articles within categories. For this project we will place all pier articles in a category based on location (by nation for countries not yet with a lot of Pier articles where subdivision hasn't happened (Category:Piers in Japan), or small countries with relatively few Piers (Category:Piers in Singapore)), or states/provinces for larger countries (Category:Piers in New York). If these categories are further divided amongst subcategories, the articles will remain included within the larger category (For example: all the piers in Category:Toll piers in New York and Category:Piers in New York City will be included in Category:Piers in New York). This makes the category pages the easiest to navigate at the price of adding slightly redundant categories on the individual articles. This has been found to be the best solution until MetaWiki supports the inclusion of subcategory articles within parent category pages.



Articles (Pier types and related topics)[edit]

Articles (specific Piers) in need of attention[edit]

These are the past winners of "Pier of the Year", they all could use some editing

The main Pier article needs some attention to the "Piers of the world" section which only contains two countries.

Piers Piers