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See Category:Articles needing translation from Polish Wikipedia for articles to translate. `

Articles nominated at WP:FAC: none at present
This page attempts to organize and keep track of the articles on Poland and Polish related subjects on Wikipedia. Each article is assigned a level of completeness according to the following scale:
Orange plus square.svg - stub, a paragraph or two, completely inadequate.
Yellow plus square.svg - maybe a few paragraphs, but coverage is inadequate, still missing some basic information.
Blue plus square.svg - Many paragraphs, covers all, or almost all, basic information, provides a bit of depth.
Green plus square.svg - Featured article status, or has gone as far as it can go, as in the case of a simple list.
When rating articles keep in mind the subject at hand. A very broad topic could be considered inadequate even if it is much longer than another article on a very narrow topic. Please update the page as you see fit.

FA:Warsaw Uprising (1794) comment here! Recently added: Army Warsaw (please add any relevant information) Aleksandra Klejnowska (please translate/expand), Krzyżowa (Yellow plus square.svg), Cinema of Poland (please translate/expand), Halina Poświatowska (please expand), Rzecznik Praw Obywatelskich (to translate and expand from Polish wiki), Stephen Bathory, King of Poland (to translate and expand from Polish Wiki), Battle of Legnica (to translate and expand from Polish wiki), Niasvizh Castle (needs images and ghost stories), Bogdan Zdrojewski (please expand), Edmund Knoll-Kownacki (please help complete a partial translation from the Polish wiki)

Recently finished: 111th Fighter Escadrille, Aleksander Józef Lisowski, President of Poland, Stanisław Skalski (translated stub), Polish Fighting Team (translated stub), Bieszczady (translated stub), Faustyna Kowalska (done clean-up and expansion, please check), Łazienki Park (translated stub), Wilanów Palace (done, please check), Polish pisanka (done, please check), Stanisław Moniuszko (translated stub), Romuald Traugutt (translated stub), Gdańsk Shipyard (translated stub), Battle of Somosierra (translated stub), Giewont (translated stub)

Create & Translate
This section is dedicated to translations from Polish wiki. See also Translation into English.

To create
This section lists articles that don't exist on any wiki. If known article exists at Polish Wikipedia, please list in the next section

To create and translate from Polish Wiki
This section lists articles that exist on Polish wiki, but not on English wiki. If a stub or larger article exists on English wiki, but Polish one is larger, please list in the next section.

To translate and destub/expand from Polish Wikipedia
This section lists articles that exists on both Polish and English wiki, but Polish one is better and needs to be translated into English.

To interwikilink or translate into Polish Wikipedia
Articles that exist on English wiki but not on Polish wiki, or articles that exist on both wikis, but English one is better and needs to be translated into Polish.

This section is about the expansion of existing articles. See also Poland stubs and subcategories

To destub/COTW level This sections contains articles that have no equivalent or no better version on Polish wiki.

To expand/AID level

In Peer review

To improve to
Featured Articles standard

Currently being worked on. Please come and help.

In Featured article candidates

To fix
To fix various problems in articles

To find images Remove when several imgages added

To clean up/wikify/copyedit/etc. Remove if no tag. Add if a tag present.

Projects needing help

Articles for Deletion