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Work Groups
  • Fijian rugby task force
Fijian rugby task force

The Fijian rugby task force is a working group of members of the rugby union WikiProject dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of Fiji-related rugby union articles.

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WikiProject Fiji will include many articles related to rugby in its scope. Also relevant is WikiProject Biography's Sports and Games workgroup, this will include any biographies related to Fiji rugby.

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Increase the exposure of our work group by nominating our articles for their Portal FA and DYKs...



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Announcements (edit)

Add this to-do list to your User page! {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Rugby union/Fiji task force/Announcements}}

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Please also join the WikiProject Rugby union

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Tagging articles[edit]

Any article related to this work group should be marked by adding Fiji-work-group=yes to the {{WikiProject Rugby union}} project banner at the top of its talk page This will automatically place it into Category:Fiji rugby work group articles article.


Criteria guideline[edit]

See also: Wikipedia:Importance and Wikipedia:Criteria for inclusion of biographies.

WikiProject Rugby union participants have adopted the following guidelines for notability of a rugby union person for an article in Wikipedia:

  • Has appeared in at least one test match, sevens competition or domestic rugby competition, as player, umpire, coach or administrator
  • Has appeared in at least one first class rugby union match

Please note that the failure to meet these criteria does not mean an article must be deleted; conversely, the meeting of any of these criteria does not mean that an article must be kept.

For more information see WikiProject Rugby union's criteria for article inclusion.

Article style[edit]

See also: Wikipedia:Manual of style and Wikipedia:WikiProject Rugby union#Article style guide

Naming Conventions

Rugby union shall be written in lower case, such as rugby union, except when starting a sentence (such as in this one).

Also see Wikipedia naming conventions, for naming articles.

Summarise and link

Particularly when writing history of rugby union, be careful not to duplicate information. A good way to deal with duplicate information is to have one major article on that subject, and wherever else it is mentioned, summarise and link to it. Do so in the following manner:

  1. Place the link under the heading of the section you are writing and before any text.
  2. Use {{main}}, like this {{main|Article name here}}. It will appear like this:
    Main article: Article name here
  3. If necessary or relevant, also link to a specific section in the article


When adding information or statistics, be sure to add a reference. Add the reference after the relevant sentence; using Wikipedia as an example:

<ref name=wiki1>{{cite web | | title=Main page of Wikipedia | url=| accessdate=2006-04-01}}</ref>

For more info on different citation styles (eg for websites, books, news, etc) see WP:CITET.

Then, put a references section at the bottom of the page, above the external links:

==References== <div style="font-size: 90%"> <references /> </div>

If you are using the same source a few paragraphs later, re-reference like this: <ref name=wiki1/>

Templates and infoboxes[edit]

For all rugby union related templates and infoboxes see Wikipedia:WikiProject Rugby union/Templates.
  • {{Fiji}} is a template displaying all the districts of Fiji.
  • {{User WikiProject Fiji Rugby}} for all those who are part of Fiji Rugby (add to their userpage)
  • {{User WikiProject Rugby union}} is a userbox which all members can add to their talk pages.
  • {{WikiProject Rugby union}} is the project banner, to be added to the talk pages of all articles which fall within the project.
    • {{Fiji-bio-stub}} - Stub notice for Fiji biography articles; to be placed on the bottom of the article page.
  • {{rugbyunion-stub}} - stub related to rugby which are to be placed at the bottom of the article page.
  • {{Pacific rugby union links}} - For Pacific rugby union links.
  • {{Rugger}} - Player and coach info box. Only use this template.

Requested articles[edit]

See also Wikipedia:WikiProject Rugby union/Requests.