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edit · changes

There were numerous collaborations from 2007-2010. They may be resumed at any time using the "instructions" below.

Proposals for new Collaborations[edit]

Some collaborations are highly successful, others less so and any assistance, however small, is appreciated.

The general idea is to move around the various archipelagos making a concerted improvement to a particular article. This usually lasts for a month, but sometimes (especially at Christmas/New Year for example) they can go on for longer. There are no "rules" but it can be helpful to have some kind of system. Collaborations will thus often follow the following cycle with a new collaboration involving an article taken from each of the following in order:

  • Inner Hebrides
  • Outer Hebrides
  • Orkney
  • Shetland
  • Other (Clyde, Forth, Fresh water etc.)

Note that there is no reason not to propose topics related to islands such as castles or towns/villages on islands, people associated with islands etc. as well as island articles themselves.

Ideally suggestions will be posted here or on the Main Project talk page in advance. If there is agreement/no objection they then get posted on the Main Project page at the beginning of the month in question. Note that this pages talk page is a redirect to the Main Project talk page as not all project members may be watching here. There is also an archive of discussion related to previous collaborations in the Collaboration Archive.

General suggestions[edit]

Ideas that have been suggested, : Church of St Clement, Rodel, Castlebay, Leverburgh, Machair, West Burra, Portree, Westray, South Ronaldsay, Torf-Einarr, Out Skerries, Big Scare, Eilean Mhic Chrion.

Please pick one or suggest another and add it below.

  • July -

Earlier suggestions[edit]

Instructions for new Collaborations[edit]

  1. Re-assess (or request the re-assessment of) the "class" of the previous collaboration on the article's talk page.
  2. Add new collaboration to Project main page and add any relevant comment about previous one.
  3. Go to Template:IslandCOTM, add new article and change previous.
  4. Add {{IslandCOTM}} to talk page of new collaboration.
  5. Add
This article was improved during a Scottish Islands Collaboration of the Month in 2009-10

to the talk page of the "previous" article just removed above i.e. the collaboration two before the current one.

"Red hot pokers" (Kniphofia uvaria) on Shapinsay
Basalt cliffs, near Dùn Bhioramuill on south coast of Ulva

List of older collaborations[edit]