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Scottish Islands
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This project is not just about islands themselves - there are numerous articles that cover history, geology, biography, literature, language, sport, Scottish Gaelic culture, Norse influence, castles, lochs, commercial enterprises, transport links, public sector organisations, music, farming/crofting and more. There are a variety of ways that you can help the project including:

  • Taking a look at the To Do List. Please feel free to update it.
  • Adding the Infobox to islands that don't have one.
  • Creating a new article from the requested articles list. The red links represent uncreated articles, but the blue ones may also direct to the wrong subject matter in some cases.
  • Assessment
You can:
  • Add a new article to the Project by putting {{WPSI|class=|importance=}} on the talk page.
  • Add an article for assessment or re-assessment.
  • Join the list of assessors.
  • Ask for an article to be peer reviewed.
All the above are discussed on the Assessment page.

If you have any questions or other suggestions please use the main talk page.