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In the lands of the North, where the Black Rocks stand guard against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long the Men of the Northlands sit by their great log fires and they tell a tale... and those tales they tell are the stories of a kind and wise king and his people; they are the Sagas of Noggin the Nog. Welcome to Northlands, a tribute to Noggin, King of the Nogs and the People of the Northlands.

Vital Articles[edit]

The assessment tables can be a rather blunt tool, so here goes. See also WP:VITAL


Island Area Rank Popn Rank Total Currently Priority
Lewis and Harris 1 1 2
Skye 2 4 6 Featured article n/a
Mainland, Shetland 3 2 5
Mull 4 8 12 1
Islay 5 7 12 Good article
Mainland, Orkney 6 3 9
Arran 7 6 13 Good article
Jura 8 31 39
South Uist 9 9 18 3
North Uist* 10 10 20
Bute 13 5 18 2
Great Cumbrae 45 10 55

Arguably, Shetland, Orkney and Outer Hebrides (all GAs) cover their largest islands, so Mull and Bute are the highest priorities along with the Uists.


Top Ranked articles that are specifically are largely about the islands or islanders

Article Currently Priority
Prehistoric Shetland* Start
Prehistoric Orkney* Good article
Timeline of prehistoric Scotland* Featured article n/a
Heart of Neolithic Orkney
Jarlshof Good article
Prehistoric Hebrides Red link 1


Top ranked articles that are specifically are largely about the islands or islanders

Article Currently Priority
Aonghas Mór
Bishop of the Isles List
Haldane Burgess
Columba 1
Highland Clearances 2
Rulers of the Kingdom of the Isles List
Kingdom of the Isles Good article
Lord of the Isles 3
Earldom of Orkney Start 4
Scottish island names B
Somerled B+
History of the Outer Hebrides
History of Orkney
History of Shetland
Clan Donald C
Clan MacLeod C
Clan MacNeil B

Literature and the arts[edit]

Article Currently Priority
Orkneyinga Saga Start 1
Description of the Western Isles of Scotland Featured article n/a
Martin Martin Start
A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland* Start
The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides* Start
Runrig Start 5
George Mackay Brown C 3
Sorley MacLean Start 2
Vagaland Start 4

Philosophy and religion[edit]

Present day life[edit]



3 (a) With featured topics only:

(i) At least one half of the articles are featured class (featured articles or featured lists), with a minimum of two featured items.
(ii) All other articles are good articles.

(b) With good topics only:

(i) All articles are at least featured lists or good articles.

Featured Topic[edit]

16 articles
Featured list Islands of Scotland
Boreray and the Stacs.jpg
Good article Northern Isles
Good article Shetland
Featured list List of islands
Good article Orkney
Featured list List of islands
Good article Hebrides
Good article Outer Hebrides
Featured list List of islands
Good article Inner Hebrides
Featured list List of islands
Good article Islands of the Clyde
Good article Islands of the Forth
Featured list Outlying islands
Featured article St Kilda
Featured list Freshwater Islands


Priority Name Complete Target Ready Needs attention Major work Not created
Orkney Y GA/FA
1 Islands of the Clyde Y GA
2 Islands of the Forth Y GA
List of outlying islands of Scotland Y FL
List of freshwater islands in Scotland Y FL
4 Shetland Y GA
Outer Hebrides Y GA
3 Inner Hebrides Y GA
List of Inner Hebrides Y FL


Possible Good Topics[edit]

Inhabited islands of the Firth of Clyde[edit]

Name Target Currently
Islands of the Clyde Good article na
Arran Good article na
Bute Start
Davaar Start
Great Cumbrae C
Holy Isle Start
Sanda Start

Inhabited islands of the Inner Hebrides[edit]

Name Target Currently
List of Inner Hebrides Featured list na
Inner Hebrides Good article na
Eilean Bàn
Eilean Donan
Eilean Shona
Gigha Good article
Islay Good article
Isle of Ewe
Lismore B
Lunga B
Raasay Good article
Rùm Good article
Skye Featured article
Slate Islands Z
Summer Isles Z

Outer Hebrides[edit]

No GAs for populated islands at present