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WikiProject Scottish Television
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Welcome to WikiProject Scottish Television. This project was created to allow better organisation of articles relating to Scottish Television


This Wikiproject aims mainly to improve articles relating to Scottish Television, not just Scottish television programmes. This is an attempt to establish articles which have Good or Featured status. Many of the articles in relation to Scottish Television are no more than a stub. Through this WikiProject, it is hoped that these articles can be increased in quality.

Article Style Guidance[edit]

To make all articles relating to Scottish Television written in the same format, the following guidelines should be applied.


  • The article name, when first mentioned, should be in bold writing.
  • Where mentioned, references to the programme's title should be formatted in italics, as with all programmes (see Wikipedia:Manual of Style (titles)).
  • British English spelling should be used, and dates should place the number first. With the exception of storyline synopses and ongoing events, the past tense should be preferred in the main article text.
  • Articles should be categorised in the correct subcategory.
  • Quotations in general are not encyclopaedic, and are better added at Wikiquote.

Character Articles[edit]

When new articles for characters are created, they should be named as Character Name, with Character Name being substituted by the name of the character the page is for. If another article occupies the same namespace have the character page as Character Name (Name of TV Programme)

All character articles should start with a consistent opening paragraph, formatted as such:

Joe Bloggs is a character in the (TV Station) (programme type) (TV Programme), played by (Actor).

An example could be:

Joe Bloggs is a fictional character in the BBC Scotland soap opera River City, played by John Smith.

Present tense should still be used, even if the character has died or in any other way left the show, as the episodes they appeared in do not cease to exist.

If the character has changed their name, pages should begin:

Jane Smith (née Bloggs, previously Williams) is a character...

Any other important information should follow this. Following the lead section, a number of sections should be used, ideally:

  • Creation/Development
  • Reception (optional)
  • Storylines

Any plot details should be kept as brief as possible, and should be sourced, using the . template if no other sources are available.

For a list of articles requiring attention of this kind, please see our Operation: Cleanup. (yet to be created).

An infobox should appear at the top of the page, placed before the lead section.
Navigation templates
An appropriate navigation template should be placed at the bottom of the article. For more information, see the templates section.
Appropriate categories should then be placed after any navigation templates. For more information, see the categories section.

Minor characters[edit]

Minor characters should not be given their own article. Instead, please write about them on one of the appropriate lists, for example List of minor (TV Programme) characters.

Project organisation[edit]


Article importance[edit]

The following is a general guidance on how to assess Scottish Television articles based on their importance. In some cases, articles may be rated differently, depending on various factors.

Importance level What warrants this level Examples
Top Television programme articles of the utmost importance River City
High Rather important articles
Mid Fairly important articles
Low Articles of little importance to the project but cover an important piece of information


If you're interested then add yourself to the list below.


What you can do[edit]


  1. Ensure that all Scottish TV-related articles can be easily found, through correctly placing them in the correct categories and making sure any other articles that refer to them link to them.
  2. Organise and improve Scottish TV-related articles that are in need of attention.
  3. Character pages and other notable information should be kept up to date with the current events in the programmes
  4. Where possible (e.g. characters) a standard style should be set throughout the articles, to provide a consistent and professional encyclopaedia style.
  5. Ensure that quality of articles is held above that of quantity of articles.
  6. Ensure that Scottish TV-related images are provided with the correct copyright information and that they are correctly placed under the relevant category.
  7. Ensure that Scottish TV-related images and articles do not infringe copyright.
  8. Ensure that images used within a Scottish TV page are relevant to the text and provide the reader with a break up from long lines of text.


Coming Soon.


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Adopt an article[edit]

Similar to the collaboration, but on a smaller scale, you might want to "adopt" an article. This would involve doing the research, writing, and picture-taking (if possible) for either a non-existent article or a stub. Of course, everyone else can still edit an adopted article, and you can work on other things too, but the idea is to find a focus for a while, to try and build up the number of quality articles the Project has produced. Place the page you want to "adopt" and your username below.


Please ensure that in the creation of an Scottish TV-related article it is placed in the most relevant category listed below:

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