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Some Wikipedia:WikipediansWikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to Sports Results. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.

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WikiProject on Sports Results


This project aims to develop a standard format for sports results listings. See Projects, below.


Parent of this WikiProject is Wikipedia:WikiProject Sports

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Discuss the format for each article based on the WikiProject. Include various categories applicable to the topic.

Hierarchy definition[edit]

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Project 1: Overall format of results listings, including use of flags[edit]

For athletics and track and field it is obvious there are several different styles of table to display results. Just compare Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth games to see four different styles. Even within the Olympic project there are different styles for each olympiad. Furthermore, this is probably a problem in other sports. It has been suggested to bring this discussion to the domain of the WikiProjects Sports. I have to admitt I am new to these types of discussion and I could use some help to get this done properly. David D. (Talk) 03:40, 8 August 2005 (UTC)

Why is this a problem?[edit]

Firstly it results in revert wars due to people having strong feelings about which style should be used. We need to come to a consensus on what style is to be used to present results.

Secondly, we need to have a consistent presentation of the data for quick and easy reference.

  • Should times and distances be entered into the table? Believe it or not many of the Olympic tables only have the name of the medalists.
  • Should the country name be in full or the three letter abbreviation?
  • Should the country flag be added to the results tables as well as the medal tables?
  • If a flag is added, should it be before, below or after the athletes name?

Discussion to date[edit]

Initially nine table styles were discussed and this can be found in the following archive. Four of those candidates are now being discussed at this project's talk page.

Style: Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Style B Rob de Castella
2:10:03 Kebebe Balcha
2:10:27 Waldemar Cierpinski
East Germany
Style C Rob de Castella
2:10:03 Kebebe Balcha
2:10:27 Waldemar Cierpinski
 East Germany
Style H Rob de Castella
2:10:03 Kebebe Balcha
2:10:27 Waldemar Cierpinski
Style I  AUS Rob de Castella 2:10:03  ETH Kebebe Balcha 2:10:27  DDR Waldemar Cierpinski 2:10:37

By clicking on the style names to the left of the table it is possible to see a full table that is representative of that style.

General strategy and discussion forums[edit]