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WikiProject Strategy games


This is the WikiProject Strategy games, created to improve, expand and create articles in the strategy game category. These fall into subsections of strategy video games, board games, playing card games, and anything that doesn't fall into these three categories. Occasionally topics here may be covered by other WikiProjects, but many strategy games within those WikiProjects are stubs, in need of cleanup, or nonexistent, which is where we come in.

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  • Organize strategy game articles
  • Tag strategy game articles as such
  • Group collaboration in order to feature more strategy game articles
  • Add infoboxes to strategy game articles which lack them


Our current collaboration is to improve Age of Empires II. Although the collaboration is open-ended, the hope is to improve the article to Good Article status or higher.

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The parent of this project is the (inactive) Wikipedia:WikiProject Games.

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