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Welcome to the Survivor Task Force, where Wikipedian Survivor fans can work together, improving articles about and/or related to Survivor.


If you are wishing to participate, please put your name below and, if you wish, copy the following code onto your user page to produce the Survivor Task Force userbox.

This user is a member of the Survivor Task Force.

To do[edit]

  1. Write episode summaries for Seasons 1–10, using CBS website as a reference, in the style of China/Micronesia summaries. Also, convert episode summaries for Guatemala and Fiji. Clean up for Cook Islands may also be needed; specifically, merge 'Elimination notes' into episode summaries.
  2. Clean up and cite pretty much all contestant articles, prodding for deletion if need be. Refer to WP:N; generally anyone that hasn't done anything outside of Survivor is not notable, but in the past we've generally taken care of most of these and have been left with the "good ones".
  3. Add and source episode ratings for all seasons.

Manual of style[edit]

  • The current style of Survivor Season articles is to have an opening section that mentions the casting, pre-show announcements and any major twists. The winners of the game/popularity vote will also be mentioned here when they are announced.
  • In the body of the article, there are five sections. In order, these are "Contestants", "The game", with subheadings of "Episode Summaries" and "Voting History", "Ratings", "References" and "External links". Any other sections i.e. controversies, etc, can be added to the relevant seasons.
  • In the whole article, the names of contestants used are the names provided on the CBS website UNLESS in extreme cases with the likes of Jon vs. Jonny Fairplay. The outcome in this case was that the precedent, Jon, was used.
  • Otherwise, just follow what we have set up over the years and it should all run smoothly!

Templates for easy finding of articles[edit]