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To start a new issue, use {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Newsletter/Newsroom/Template|issue=3|date=Summer 2014|monthday=July 15}}.

Always in the newsletter[edit]

  • Intro
  • Selected article / picture from portal
  • Leaderboard / stubs update
  • Featured stories, if anything important happened
  • Project news
    • State updates
  • From the editor

Issue 2 (Spring 2014)[edit]

Publication deadline: 12 PM Pacific-3 PM Eastern on April 15.

Please sign up for what you want to write. Have it done by the publication deadline.



Feature 1 (if needed)[edit]


Note: If you suggest a story then you are volunteering to write it, unless someone else decides to do so.

Lua update[edit]

Editor: Happy5214

The theme will be determined by the Lua progress at the time of writing.


Editor: Rschen7754
Never mind, let's postpone until next issue. --Rschen7754 07:38, 10 April 2014 (UTC)

Project news[edit]


Be sure to look through Article Alerts and WT:USRD.

Maple Syrup Report[edit]

Editor: Floydian

State updates[edit]

Write the updates below. If signatures are present, remove them before adding to the newsletter.

Leaderboard and stub count[edit]

Editor: TCN7JM

Selected article/picture from portal[edit]

Just make sure this is substituted before publication.

From the editor[edit]