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There are a variety of resources available to members of this WikiProject!

Page elements and indices[edit]

  • Lists – a comprehensive list of U.S. Supreme Court case-related lists
  • Categories – a comprehensive list of U.S. Supreme Court case-related categories
  • Templates – a comprehensive list of U.S. Supreme Court case-related templates


Tools and scripts[edit]


  • A United States Reports case citation (e.g., "123 U.S. 456") is not a unique identifier for a case. It's a unique identifier for most cases, but for some older cases, there were sometimes multiple cases on a single page. So be careful about this. One day we'll have a category or a link to where you can find ambiguous case citations. One day.
  • Lexis or WestLaw or whatever are the best sources of information about a case. Usually any university will have access to the academic version, which will always include U.S. Supreme Court cases (and usually other federal appeals court cases as well). If you know someone who's currently enrolled in a university (even part-time), talk to them. Remote access to these services is almost always possible (encouraged, even).
  • If you need an argue date or decision date for a case in volume 2 to volume 107, you can try this report from the U.S. Supreme Court ("datesofdecisions.pdf").

External resources[edit]

  • FindLaw: A great resource to use when researching information on a particular case
  • LII: Cornell's Legal Information Institute – another good source for opinions
  • The Oyez Project: An excellent place for documents – even has audio files for the arguments of more recent decisions

Reading list[edit]