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Welcome to WikiProject United States governors on the English Wikipedia! We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to US Governor History.


  • To provide guidelines and recommendations for articles that discuss all the Governors in US History .
  • To improve Wikipedia's coverage of ALL US Governors by creating, expanding, and maintaining such articles.
  • To serve as the central point of discussion of all US Governors in Wikipedia and to help the US .


The project generally considers any article related to the Governors of the US, to be a valid topic. We will have pages for every governor in US History. Adding information about governors that already have their own pages, and continue to make new articles. Here is a scope of what we plan to do:

  • Discuus what they pursued as governor.
  • Talk About how the state did under the governor
  • The Governors Policies
  • Party Affiliation, (especially during the old days)


Internally, the project has developed several structural features to help in managing its extensive work:

  • Coordinators, who are responsible for maintaining the administrative aspects of the project.
  • Task forces, which are more informal groups for collaboration on specific areas of US Governor history, such as particular periods of the Governors time in office.


Active participants[edit]


Project banner[edit]

  • The {{WikiProject United States|class=|importance=|USgovernors=yes|USgovernors-importance=}} template should be placed on the talk pages of relevant articles to put them under the project's scope. It looks like this:
WikiProject United States / Governors  
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This page is supported by WikiProject U.S. governors.


Here are the current assessments for Wikipedia's governor articles. This list doesn't imply ownership or authorship by this project—it's just a guide for expanding and improving governor articles based on existing work.


Categories for discussion
Featured article candidates
Good article nominees
Requests for comments
Requested moves


Articles to improve[edit]

Current articles to improve are as listed below:

  1. James Sevier Conway - Arkansas
  2. Thomas Stevenson Drew - Arkansas
  3. Henry Massey Rector - Arkansas
  4. Albert Washington McIntire - Colorado
  5. Charles Spalding Thomas - Colorado
  6. James Bradley Orman - Colorado
  7. Frederick Low - California
  8. Henry Huntly Haight - California
  9. Newton Booth - California
  10. William Irwin (California politician) - California
  11. George Clement Perkins - California
  12. Washington Bartlett - California
  13. Henry Markham - California
  14. Oliver Wolcott - Connecticut
  15. Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. - Connecticut
  16. Charles Roberts Ingersoll - Connecticut
  17. John Milton (Florida politician) - Florida
  18. Abraham K. Allison - Florida
  19. Ossian B. Hart - Florida
  20. Sidney Johnston Catts - Florida
  21. James Pinckney Henderson - Texas
  22. George Tyler Wood - Texas
  23. Peter Hansborough Bell - Texas
  24. J. W. Henderson - Texas
  25. Dan Moody - Texas
  26. Beauford H. Jester - Texas
  27. Thomas Chittenden - Vermont
  28. Paul Brigham - Vermont
  29. Beverley Randolph - Virginia
  30. Robert Brooke (Virginia) - Virginia
  31. James Wood (governor) - Virginia
  32. William H. Cabell - Virginia
  33. Albertis S. Harrison, Jr. - Virginia
  34. John N. Dalton - Virginia
  35. Elisha Peyre Ferry - Washington
  36. George E. Cole - Washington Territory
  37. Marshall F. Moore - Washington Territory
  38. Alvan Flanders - Washington Territory
  39. Miles Conway Moore - Washington Territory
  40. Fayette McMullen - Washington Territory
  41. Richard D. Gholson - Washington Territory
  42. William Henson Wallace - Washington and Idaho Territory
  43. Henry Smith (Texas Governor) - Mexican Texas Territory
  44. Robert Martin (Oklahoma) - Oklahoma Territory
  45. Thompson Benton Ferguson - Oklahoma Territory
  46. James S. Calhoun - New Mexico Territory
  47. Henry Connelly - New Mexico Territory
  48. William Anderson Pile - New Mexico Territory
  49. Marsh Giddings - New Mexico Territory
  50. Lionel Allen Sheldon - New Mexico Territory
  51. L. Bradford Prince - New Mexico Territory
  52. William Taylor Thornton - New Mexico Territory
  53. Herbert James Hagerman - New Mexico Territory
  54. William J. Mills - New Mexico Territory
  55. Benjamin F. Potts - Montana Territory
  56. John Schuyler Crosby - Montana Territory
  57. B. Platt Carpenter - Montana Territory
  58. Samuel Thomas Hauser - Montana Territory
  59. Benjamin F. White (Montana politician) - Montana Territory
  60. John Allen Campbell - Wyoming Territory
  61. John Wesley Hoyt - Wyoming Territory
  62. Elliot S.N. Morgan - Wyoming Territory
  63. George White Baxter - Wyoming Territory
  64. Ford Quint Elvidge - Guam
  65. William T. Corbett - Guam
  66. Marcellus G. Boss - Guam
  67. William Patlov Daniel - Guam
  68. Paul McDonald Calvo - Guam
  69. Carlos S. Camacho - Northern Mariana Islands
  70. Pedro P. Tenorio - Northern Mariana Islands
  71. Lorenzo I. De Leon Guerrero - Northern Mariana Islands
  72. Roy Lester Schneider - U.S. Virgin Islands
  73. John Morse Haydon - American Samoa
  74. Earl B. Ruth - American Samoa