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WikiProject University of the Philippines is a collaborative WikiProject designed to help improve Wikipedia's coverage of the University of the Philippines. Currently, there are six constituent campuses under the University of the Philippines System:

From the colleges, various units are found. Please feel free to help this project evolve by providing your own modifications, comments and suggestions. Please refer to the talk page for related discussions - Click here to start a new discussion. If you want to participate, just add your name to the members subpage.



The University of the Philippines (or Unibersidad ng Pilipinas in Filipino and commonly abbreviated as U.P.) is the national university of the Philippines. Founded in 1908 through Act No. 1870 of the first Philippine Legislature, known as the "University Act" by authority of the United States, the University currently provides the largest number of degree programs in the country. The University is considered as the premier institution of higher learning in the Philippines. Several (7) Philippine Presidents have attended courses in the University either as undergraduates or as postgraduate students, while 12 chief justices of the Supreme Court, 36 out of the 57 National Artists and 30 out of the 31 National Scientists are affiliated with the University.


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Basic Wikipedia editing[edit]

If you have never used Wikipedia, please take the time to read these articles:

To maintain article quality, please follow these rules:

  • Provide sources for your edits
  • Restrain the number of red links
  • Ensure external links are active
  • Check orthography before saving your changes

If you are contributing to this WikiProject, then you are probably a fan of the University. However, in the articles you edit, please try to avoid academic boosterism, maintain a neutral point of view, and avoid peacock terms and weasel words.


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Goals and objectives[edit]

  • Maintain, edit, cleanup, rewrite or wikify UP-related articles. This WikiProject is also aimed to create necessary articles that are connected to University and has credibility and notability.
  • The WikiProject, aside from above, is also set to maintain the following articles (still connected to the schools):
  • Projects of the University that are notable in the Philippines as well as the world.
  • Biographies of notable UP graduates, non-graduates, and students.
  • Set up a primary system of classifying UP articles.
  • Create pages for UP organization that gained so much notability.
  • Elevate UP articles into GA and FA status.


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To Do List Things To Do

As of June 2009:

  • Collaborative efforts to categorize all images pertaining to UP under "University of the Philippines" category.
  • Cleanup or possible rewrite of UP-related articles.
  • This WikiProject also covers biographies of UP alumni/people, so we have to sort them too.
  • Create useful templates.

As of August 2009:

  • Wikiproject Template available: {{WPUP}} but needs to be edited...


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Let us have a collaborative effort to categorized all images related to UP under one category under "University of the Philippines".


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