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The Atari Task Force is a working group of members of the CVG WikiProject, dedicated to better organize information in articles related to Atari and the works of all related companies: Atari Inc. (1972-1984), Atari Corp. (1984-1996), Atari Games (1984-1993, 1996-1998), Atari Interactive (1998 to present), and Atari Inc. (2003 to present, also including all GT Interactive/Infogrames Inc. properties) . This includes making sure all related articles are of high quality and accuracy. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this task force will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians.

Also, please note that this task force focuses only on Atari owned or published characters, games, systems, people, and distinctly related third party entities. General publishers of third party software, hardware, etc. for Atari console, computer, or arcade platforms and their properties are not covered here.


The Atari Task Force (WP:ATARI for short)


  • Organize all Atari related articles through the usage of templates, categories, and stubs.
  • Improve on Atari related articles to featured article status (or at the very least to good article status).
  • Create new articles relating to Atari.


Anyone is allowed to join the Atari Task Force, provided that the participant will work to improve all Atari related articles. Simply add your name below, and add {{User WP Atari}} to your user page.

Please list your user name below:

Task Force subpages:

To-do list for the Atari task force

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  1. Marty Goldberg (Creator)
  2. Xtreme racer Own the original Atari 2600 and still enjoy playing it
  3. Alexander the Great I also own the Atari 2600. Missile Command is the "bomb"!
  4. Govvy I got the Lynx 1 and 2. I've done a few articles for games so far.
  5. AtariAge Editor of - I own every Atari console and many hundreds (thousands?) of games!
  6. DevinCook - Writing my first homebrew
  7. Sikor An Atari XL/XE game developer from Poland (Sikor Soft)
  8. ThaddeusB I love Atari and will do whatever I can to help
  9. KillerSim187 I have a 5200 and 2600 jr.
  10. zoroark I love atari
  11. MiKE Malloy I want to start writing Atari games.
  12. 28bytes Atari 2600 enthusiast
  13. Curtaintoad
  14. Synthetoonz Atari 8-bit computer programmer.
  15. |>(@"<) (talk) (Mr. Gonna Change My Name Forever) A fan of the Atari 2600.
  16. Varnent (talk)(COI)

Current requests and votes[edit]

An archive of previous requests and responses can be found here.

Editors of Atari-related articles are encouraged to list Requests for Peer Review, Good Article Candidates (GAC), Featured Article Candidates (FAC), Articles for Deletion votes (AfD) and other votes or requests here:

Atari Related Entries[edit]


See Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Atari/List of Atari entries

New Entries[edit]

Please list any recently created Atari-related articles here.

New Media[edit]

Please list any recently created Atari-related media (pictures, sound, etc.) here. Use 100px for image width.


Please listed any requested entries here.


Featured articles[edit]

A-class articles[edit]

Good articles[edit]

Atari Meetups[edit]

  • Next meetup has not yet been decided. Please discuss on the talk page.

Writing articles[edit]

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Article guidelines

Brief overview of Wikipedia:Guide to writing better articles:

Be specific[edit]

When writing about "Atari", be specific as to which one you are referring to. Write out Atari Inc., Atari Corp., Atari Games, and Atari Interactive where applicable.


  • Introductory material: Good articles should start with a brief lead section which introduces the reader to the topic.
  • Size:Articles should be kept relatively short with mostly only necessary information. When articles grow past this amount of readable text, they should be broken up to improve readability and ease of editing.
  • Paragraphs: Remember that paragraphs should be relatively short to reduce eyestrain, but not too short. If it does manage to become too long, divide it up into separate paragraphs with similar themes.
  • Headings: Headings can help clarify articles and compose the table of contents. For more information, see Wikipedia:Section.
  • Images: If the article can be illustrated with pictures, find an appropriate place to position these images, where they relate closely to text they illustrate.
  • Standard appendices: Other optional sections can be included as well. This includes quotations, related topics, references, and external links (also called further reading).
  • Also, please see Wikipedia:Long article layout or Wikipedia:Article size if the article manages to become too large.

Think of the reader[edit]

  • State the obvious, which is usually done at the first sentence or two of the article.
  • Have a lead section, a section before the first heading. It should establish significances, large implications and why we should care.
  • Use other languages sparingly, and make sure it is used only as extra information, not something the reader needs to know to understand the article. However, in the English-language Wikipedia, the English form does not always have to come first, sometimes the non-English word is better as the main text with the English in parentheses or set off by commas after it, and sometimes not.
  • Use colour sparingly, as too many colours on one page make them look cluttered and unencyclopedic.

Use clear, precise and accurate terms[edit]

  • Use short sentences and lists with only necessary words, and sometimes using periods rather than commas (though this does not mean one should use fewer words).
  • Use the principle of least astonishment. Be sure to plan your pages and links so that everything appears reasonable and makes sense.
  • The phrase refers to should usually be found near the beginning of Wikipedia articles.
  • Check your facts and make sure everything is true, usually through citing good sources. Also avoid blanket terms unless you have verified them and stay on topic (avoid irrelevant information). When dealing with fiction (such as Nintendo characters) you should be sure to clearly distinguish fact and fiction as well.
  • Be sure to pay attention to spelling and grammar, especially of new page names.
  • Avoid peacock and weasel terms that show off the subject or expresses opinions.
  • When making an article, make omissions explicit and always aim for completeness.

Other issues[edit]

  • Do not use honorifics or titles such as Mr, Ms, Rev, Doctor, etc.
  • Avoid inappropriate subjects. Please remember Wikipedia is not an advertising medium or home page service.
  • Avoid making your articles orphans and be sure to add links. However when you do create links, link only one or a few instances of the same term; don't link all instances of it. See also: Wikipedia:Links.
  • For issues involving pronouns, see m:Quest for gender-neutral pronouns and the discussion.
  • Remember to integrate changes. For example, when you make a change to some text, rather than appending the new text you'd like to see included at the bottom of the page, if you feel so motivated, please place and edit your comments so that they flow seamlessly with the present text.
  • Be sure to remember that unimportant things are important, too.
  • Everyone makes mistakes, though try to avoid making common mistakes.
  • It is best to make a personal copy of an article, just in case you get into some sort of edit war or a revert war. However, be sure to stay cool.


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