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This is the Bethesda Task Force, created to set standards for the improvement, expansion and organization of articles related to Bethesda games and universes.


This task force aims to improve the coverage and quality of articles on Bethesda games and universes. This also includes The Elder Scrolls universe articles and Fallout universe articles.

Making good use of the Elder Scrolls wikis[edit]

If you are interested in working on a more in-depth database for The Elder Scrolls instead of the overview style that Wikipedia must use, then you may be interested in the OblivionWiki or The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. However, we could always use your help working on our overview of the series, and elevating articles to GA or FA status!


Discussions are held on the talk page.

  1. Redo Task Force page to reflect merger into Bethesda Task Force
  2. Gather list of all articles within scope, list them on the TaskForce page
  3. Rank all the articles based on quality scale and importance scale
  4. Create and use talk page template to show pages that are being watched by this Task Force
  5. Improve articles with high importance and low quality

Templates and Awards To Use[edit]

The current userbox for the task force. To add it to your page, insert {{User Bethesda}}.
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The old userbox for the task force.
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Articles within Scope[edit]

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Good articles[edit]


If you want to join, add your name to this list. (Alphabetical order please!)



See also: Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Article guidelines


It's recommended to tag all TES-related articles in the following way:

  • [[Category:The Elder Scrolls]] is applied to every article, so all of them can be easily accessed.
  • Each article has one specific sub-category, with certain exceptions of subjects actually falling into more.
  • Sub-sub-categories, like Great_Houses_of_Vvardenfell (now deleted) should be avoided if they are obvious. Categories like Category:Regions of Vvardenfell are still needed, though, as it isn't obvious where these subregions are.


All games in series are notable, but it might be hard to decide whether some aspect of the TES/Fallout Universe or a mod deserves a separate article. Therefore, the following is recommended:

  • All games are notable.
  • All major organizations are notable.
  • Most subjects, including items and creatures, only need a section in corresponding article, unless the section gets oversized.
  • Other subjects only need a page if there's enough information about it for a complete article, not just a stub.

Mods may be notable if:

  • Mods to any games are generally NOT notable, unless there are facts to dispute this

Merge candidates[edit]

Please discuss them and suggest actions on the talk page. Keep in mind that the first criterion is potential possibility for the subject article to ever become more than a stub without becoming a speculation.