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This page is about the video game task force. For the WikiProject focused on Dungeons & Dragons as a whole, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Dungeons & Dragons.
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Rpg video game.svg Welcome to the D&D Video Games Task Force — a task force under WikiProject Video games and WikiProject Dungeons & Dragons!


The Dungeons & Dragons video game task force on Wikipedia was created informally in February 2009, when WikiProject Dungeons & Dragons editors BOZ, Drilnoth, and others began collaborating with WikiProject Video games editor Vantine84 on Planescape: Torment. After a successful GA nomination for the article, these editors realized that with their powers combined, and the help of editors from every corner of Wikipedia, they could change the coverage of D&D video games on the online encyclopedia as we know it. And so, the D&D task force was born. For more information on task forces, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide/Task forces.


Any article related to a video game which takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons universe is covered by this task force. This includes D&D game series articles, character articles, biographical articles about people who helped create the games, and miscellaneous pages related to D&D games, like game engines created for D&D games or machinima created with them.


  • Improve the organization of D&D video game articles by creating and maintaining templates and categories.
  • Collaborate on raising the standard of quality for all D&D video game articles.
  • Create new articles as necessary.

Parent WikiProjects[edit]


Here is the list of D&D task force members. To join, please place your username at the bottom of the numbered list of the using the {{user}} template. Members are encouraged to leave questions/comments on Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Video games/D&D as well as watchlist it.

If you so wish, you may also display the {{User D&D taskforce}} userbox on any of your userpages.

Active participants
  1. Vantine84 (talk · contribs)
  2. Drilnoth (talk · contribs)
  3. Ray and jub (talk · contribs)
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Project standards
TF Designation: D&D=yes annexed to {{WikiProject Video games}}.
Member Userbox: {{User D&D taskforce}}
Barnstar {{subst:The D&D Taskforce Barnstar}}
Tasks that need attention
  • Create a slick task force banner
  • Create a barnstar image/template
  • Put a D&D field into {{WikiProject Video games}} and a video games field on {{D&D}}
  • When it's finished, put the D&D field into every article in the task force's scope
  • List all pertinent templates in this panel
  • Figure out how to get an article class table

Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Article guidelines
Wikipedia:Guide to writing better articles
Informal essay on the history of D&D games, by BOZ

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