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Welcome to the Indie Task Force! We are a group of editors dedicated to improving the quality of indie game articles in general. The project covers independent developers and games made by them, including games for Adobe Flash, iOS, Android, Xbox Live Indie Games, PS Minis, WiiWare, Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and other systems.


The Indie Task Force covers articles about:

Because of the nature of self-publishing for independent games, it is expected that articles under this project meet the general notability guideline, requiring coverage from secondary sources on the developers or game titles. In particular, for games, it is expected that there is critical reception about the game from sources outlined in WikiProject Video Game Sources list.


Anyone can join the Indie Task Force. Just add {{Template:User ITF}} to your user page, and your name will automatically be added to Category:Indie Task Force members.

This is a list of Wikipedia members active in the task force, who have edited a article at least once within the last six months. If you want to join, simply add yourself to the roster by signing the bottom of the list with three tildes (~~~).

  1. Mishae (talk)
  3. Reach Out to the Truth
  4. PresN
  5. MASEM (t)
  6. Teancum (talk)
  7. The New Age Retro Hippie used Ruler! Now, he can figure out the length of things easily.
  8. Yiosie 2356
  9. Questfan (talk)
  10. Robbie301 (talk)
  11. Resolutionsmasher (talk)
  12. Someone another (talk)
  13. Dudeaga (talk)
  14. -alfredofreak-
  15. Crumblewolf (talk)
  16. XapApp (talk)
  17. EV149
  18. RunningUranium (talk)
  19. NicDonalds (talk)
  20. Shadowsinthelight (talk)
  21. ΛΧΣ21
  22. Tezero (talk)
  23. Ugog Nizdast (talk)


Here is a list of things that the ITF needs to do at the moment. If there's something we've missed, feel free to add it under the appropriate section.

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Indie:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Article alerts[edit]

Featured article candidates
Good article nominees


Tagging and assessment[edit]

Any articles that are within the scope of the ITF should be tagged with the project banners of WikiProject Video games. Be sure to add Indie=yes as a parameter; this will add us to the list of task forces supporting that page, bringing it to our attention.


For main project templates, see the main project page for WikiProject Video games.

Userbox template[edit]

{{Template:User ITF}}

Stub template[edit]

If you come across a stub article that falls within the scope of the ITF and/or our parent WikiProject, then you should place {{vg-stub}} at the bottom of the page. This will bring that article to the attention of either or both groups depending on whether the article is within our scope.


Main category: Indie video game task force articles.

Place articles in the category by adding |Indie=yes to the {{WikiProject Video games}}. Some importance-rated examples are below:

  1. Featured article Aquaria
  2. Featured article Bastion
  3. Featured article Cave Story
  4. Featured article Cloud
  5. Featured article Flow
  6. Featured article Flower
  7. Featured article Gravity Bone
  8. Featured article Journey
  9. Featured article Limbo
  10. Featured article Super Columbine Massacre RPG!
  11. Featured article Super Meat Boy
  12. Featured article Thirty Flights of Loving
  13. A-Class article And Yet It Moves
  14. Aether
  15. Bloody Fun Day
  16. Braid
  17. Castle Crashers
  18. The Castle Doctrine
  19. Digital: A Love Story
  20. Don't Starve
  21. Don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story
  22. Fez
  23. Flotilla
  24. Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
  25. Hundreds
  26. Mighty Jill Off
  27. Minecraft
  28. Proteus
  29. Sonic: After the Sequel
  30. Threes!
  31. Trials HD
  32. VVVVVV
  33. Wasteland Angel
  34. B-Class article 'Splosion Man
  35. B-Class article The Adventures of Shuggy
  36. B-Class article Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley
  37. B-Class article Eets
  38. B-Class article The Maw
  39. B-Class article Monday Night Combat
  40. B-Class article Ms. Splosion Man
  41. B-Class article Pinball FX
  42. B-Class article Pinball FX 2
  43. B-Class article Planet Minigolf
  44. B-Class article Raskulls
  45. B-Class article Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure
  46. B-Class article Zen Pinball
  47. C-Class article Bit.Trip Beat
  48. C-Class article Bit.Trip Void
  49. C-Class article Bob's Game
  50. C-Class article Dwarf Fortress
  51. C-Class article Flappy Bird
  52. C-Class article Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
  53. Start-Class article Antichamber
  54. Start-Class article Atom Zombie Smasher
  55. Start-Class article Bit.Trip
  56. Start-Class article Chronotron
  57. Start-Class article Crayon Physics Deluxe
  58. Start-Class article Darwinia
  59. Start-Class article That Dragon, Cancer
  60. Start-Class article Dust: An Elysian Tail
  61. Start-Class article Dustforce
  62. Start-Class article Dyad
  63. Start-Class article Freedom Planet
  64. Start-Class article My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic
  65. Start-Class article Gish
  66. Start-Class article King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown (AGD Interactive)
  67. Start-Class article King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones
  68. Start-Class article King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human (AGD Interactive)
  69. Start-Class article King's Quest III VGA
  70. Start-Class article N
  71. Start-Class article Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead
  72. Start-Class article Q.U.B.E.
  73. Start-Class article Symphony
  74. Start-Class article The Adventures of Shuggy
  75. Start-Class article The Room
  76. Start-Class article The Silver Lining
  77. Start-Class article Wik and the Fable of Souls
  78. Stub-Class article Bit.Trip Core
  79. Stub-Class article Bit.Trip Fate
  80. Stub-Class article Bit.Trip Flux
  81. Stub-Class article Bit.Trip Runner
  82. Stub-Class article Blueberry Garden
  83. Stub-Class article Heaven Variant
  84. Stub-Class article Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine
  85. Stub-Class article Retro City Rampage
  86. Stub-Class article Super Obama World
  1. Potato Sack
  2. B-Class article Humble Indie Bundle
  3. C-Class article Indie game
  4. Start-Class article Adventure Games Live
  5. Start-Class article Independent Games Festival
  6. Start-Class article Independent video game development
  7. Start-Class article Indie Fund
  8. Start-Class article Indie Game Challenge
  9. Start-Class article Xbox Live Indie Games
  10. Stub-Class article Dōjin soft
  1. Jenova Chen
  2. Phil Fish
  3. Christine Love
  4. Kellee Santiago
  5. C-Class article Nicklas Nygren
  6. Start-Class article Alec Holowka
  7. Start-Class article Edmund McMillen
  8. Start-Class article Markus Persson
  9. Start-Class article Tommy Refenes
  10. Stub-Class article Jonathan Blow
  11. Stub-Class article Derek Yu
  1. Featured article Thatgamecompany
  2. ABA Games
  3. Action Button Entertainment
  4. List of indie game developers
  5. C-Class article Twisted Pixel Games
  6. Start-Class article Vector Unit
  7. Start-Class article Infamous Adventures
  8. Start-Class article AGD Interactive
  9. Stub-Class article The Behemoth
  10. Stub-Class article Klei Entertainment
  11. Stub-Class article Playdead
  12. Stub-Class article Wolfire Games
  13. Stub-Class article Zen Studios

Ratings on the WikiProject Video games article assessment scale.