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Mortal Kombat Task force

Hello! Welcome to the Mortal Kombat task force page. This is where Wikipedians, specifically those of us who are fans of Midway Games' Mortal Kombat series, both new and old alike, may compare notes about our favorite fighting game franchise in order to edit, organize, or if necessary, rework Mortal Kombat related articles so that they may better represent the characters, storyline, and the entire franchise in general that we have come to love. This page and its subpages contain our suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of the Wikipedian MK fan community. If you wish to help, visit the task force's talk page and see the to-do list there. Don't hesitate to join us!


This task force is dedicated to provide organized, accurate and factual information on all aspects of the Mortal Kombat franchise, concerning itself mainly with the video game series, but not neglecting the other media forms it has developed, specifically the television shows, movies, and comic books. (Scope as of April 6, 2009)


  • To organize sections into specific formats as required.
  • To eliminate unnecessary and redundant information.
  • To form a consensus on canon/non-canon material, and to organize articles in accordance to such.

Criteria for inclusion and Canon: What goes in the articles?[edit]

Taking into consideration the sheer amount of information and background available for the series' many aspects, all information must be verifiable. Information added based purely on speculation and theorem will be subject to thorough discussion to establish its status. As the video game series is the main incarnation of the franchise, all pages pertaining to characters, events, time frames, etc., should focus on information established by the video game series itself, which has been identified by the Mortal Kombat fanbase as being the canon telling of the events in particular. Information about non-canon events or tellings of the saga, such as those depicted in unofficial comics, television shows, or movies, should be relegated to their own separate sections, or notations within the articles.

Please also read WP:FICT for information on what kind of information to include in a current article, or the criteria for creating a new article (versus creating a new subsection in one of the lists).


Should any users wish to split into small groups to cover specific pages together, this will be the listing for those pages, and the users working on them.



New articles[edit]

Please list any recently created Mortal Kombat-related articles here.

Votes for deletion[edit]

Here is where our users can nominate a particular article for deletion, if they feel it has become redundant or unnecessary.


The parent of this task force is the WikiProject Video games.