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The news and editorials division of WikiProject Wikify produces articles and editorial pieces for The Wikifier, the project's bimestrial newsletter.

The coordinators responsible for editing and publishing the newsletter are Guoguo12 (talk · contribs) and Sumsum2010 (talk · contribs).




Editorials are written by any member of the community on topics related to wikification on Wikipedia. They can be informative pieces, meant to assist an editor's understanding of a certain topic, or they can be instructional "how to" articles that help an editor through a complicated or difficult process. All submissions are welcome, so don't be shy!

Please add your submission to the table below, including a link to its current location (for example, a sandbox page in your userspace).

Author Date submitted Title


Author Issue month published Title
pjoef January Welcome to the first issue of The Wikifier
Guoguo12 March On the Origins of the Word "Wikify"
Nolelover August Editorial
Kerowyn October Editorial - Awards "Revamp"
Ryan Vesey July Effective Wikification
benzband November New template and categorization system
-- November (none)

Upcoming issue[edit]

Planned coverage[edit]

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