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Welcome to the WikiSnap Challenge! The aim of this challenge is to add an image and an infobox to all submissions that do not have one. The awards are awarded in the form of barnstars. The competition runs over a number of weeks until one competitor is left standing. Rounds are run in weeks at the end of the week the field is either halved or a victor is declared.

Rules and Structure[edit]

The rules are simple. You're in a pool of 4. You out-edit the other competitor to win. 1 point for adding an infobox and another for adding a photo. Top 2 editors progress. League process repeats until we are down to the final 4-7. No cheating.

The finals[edit]

All 4-7 competitors are placed in a final pool. Finish at the top and you win.

Instructions for participants[edit]

1. Add your name to the bottom of this link by using your 4 tile signoff.
2. Wait for your name to appear on the league table and on the page log link in the next step.
3. Add your contributions to this link in the format specified below.
4. Add pages to your tally by providing a link to the difference between the revision previous and your revision when you add the infobox and photo.
5. Points will be added to the league table.

Adding entries[edit]

1. Add the info box or photo to an article.
2. Click "View History" at the top of the page
3. Find your edit (Should be at top)
4. Click the bubble on the left of that edit, and click the bubble of the edit before you edited the page.
5. Click "Compare selected revisions"
6. Copy the URL and paste it at this link

Join the Admin team[edit]

If you want to be part of the admin team, you can do so by putting your name below. The instructions are at Wikipedia:WikiSnap Challenge/Admin instructions. The current admins are: Fremantle99 (talk) 06:25, 18 March 2014 (UTC)

Ask a question[edit]

Got a question about the competition? Ask it below! Our admins will get back to you as soon as they can

Eg. How are barnstars given out? A: Barnstars will be given out by admins at the end of the competition.


Pools will be released closer to the start of the competition.

User Photos added Infobox's added Total
Fremantle99 0 0 0
NickGibson3900 0 0 0